Dec. 4th, 2009

ornerie: (raj)
HisNibs is now well esconced at the new barn and we're both blissfully happy :). the staff is kind and observant, and he is making new pony pals with the group turnout. He has a nice little 5 acre pasture to kick up his heels and wallow in the mud in. we've not had any stocking up since he got moved there and while still slow to warm up, he's full of piss and vinegar and bounce. I may need to start calling him tigger...

over my staycation, I managed to ride almost every day and it was AWESOME> theres some new things for MrCrankyPants...being an urban pony now means things like crosswalks (with the button placed at horseback height :)), baby strollers !!!!! and rafts of chihuahuas on leashes yapping their heads off. he also has met joggers on the trail and thinks if they're running, well, maybe he should too?

He finished a nice 10 mile trip tired but sound (yay!) and we've been exploring the tons of nice maintained trails in the neighborhood. We need to invest in some reflective clothing for both of us gets DARK early. in the woods by 3pm, the light is starting to fail and we have a bit of road riding to get home after that.

Still havent quite figured out how to ride after work...havent managed to get out of here before 4:30 at the earliest. I may need to just bite the bullet, dress warmly and go ride even if it means pulling him away from his dinner and riding in the dark. even a bit of grooming would be good...he's so shaggy!! and washing off his legs (theres some mud in the pasture and he can be prone to mud fever, etc jsut like every other horse in the PacNW) probably wouldnt hurt either. a thermos of hot water from home, lower leg bath and a splash of MTG will fix that right up, I'm thinking... (plus it makes him smell like a smokey ham hock. bonus! ;))

He's still not eating all that well, but I'mt old he takes a good month to get settled in to new digs. he is getting used to the routine, though. standing quietly in the crossties, knowing which direction home is and knowing that arena means ground work and treats :). We have made trips to the redmond watershed preserve as well as Bridle Trails state park, and next weekend we're checking out Soaring Eagle state park, it helps that I have a friend who boards nearby and who is always looking for someone to ride with. she has a Tennessee Walker and Rajis normal walk is a happy jig that keeps up nicely with young Master Royal.

all in all, I look forward to many happy hours at the new barn...the trails will be passable year round, we're making friends and he should finish the winter in fine condition to hit the ground running next spring!

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