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here's an idea....

pony flash mob.

the mind boggles, doesnt it? :)

pick a medieval dance tune.
develop a choreography that isnt too advanced or too long. include some "low impact" moves for ponies who cant do strong laterals at faster gaits, etc.
people practice at home
show up at an event with your horse and lets all get our groove thing on!

[livejournal.com profile] smithwick  is one smart cookie :)

I wonder if we could get it together for the Emprise? (assuming of course that the folks organizing it think it fits in their vision of all martial all spectacle all the time)

in other news, Lionhearts rocked, as always. in a world of martial events, jousting and speed (somehow crammed into a framework of hurry up and wait), Lionhearts tends to be an event that is perfectly in tune to what I want and enjoy. yay! got to perform a wee carousel (dont blink! you'll miss it!), run some games, do some archery (even hit the target once! go me!), do some drills at speed (I love that my boy could match his canter to other horses at the walk ;)) and generally hang around with my horse (who is really very good company :))  in a beautiful setting on a sunny (but not too hot) weekend. we didnt win any of the individual competitions, but we won overall! lets hear it for just going for it! :D Got a spiffy medieval saddle blanket out of the Manesse Codex and everything :)

its kinda too bad that what I enjoy is seen as "boring" to others but oh well. frankly, I can do what I enjoy at home, so if events dont have it, I can still manage :).  knock yourselves out, martial folks! I'll be over here playing with my pony at things we both enjoy :)

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I have noticed that I am posting more and more friends locked posts. (stuff about family members health crises, being out of town, etc that I'm not comfortable having total public access to)

I think I'm going to move my LJ to friends only. not trying to be exclusive or anything but just protect me and mine.

if you lurk and follow, just join up and you'll still be able to see it all in glorious technicolor! seriously, I tend to friend pretty much anyone who asks....
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dont say I didnt warn you....

in further installments of the All POny All the Time Channel...

I bought a portable ipod speaker dealy. its about the size of a fat paperback book and has a lanyard. I had it on and playing medieval dance music while I was longing HisNibs. he totally moderates his speed according to the beat.

ooooo this is gonna be fun :)
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long tme no post!

but whats to say?
pony pony pony pony pony. oh yeah, some work and random sca stuff but pony pony pony mostly. and who wants to hear about htat? I mean I hear myself and think "gak! this is what parents of small children sound like to me!"

sorry you guys :)

pony stuff ) 

non pony stuff )
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Elmer Bandit at 37 years old
Elmer Bandit, Horse Hall of Famer last year at aged 37

Raj at 24 (the guy in front. the guy in the back is Chance, aka "MrChancyPants" who is letting Raj take the heat for whatever is coming because thats how he rolls)

note the similar expressions between Elmer and Raj  :)

I call that "the laser eyeball". I swear you can feel that stare from a quarter mile away....

Reading up on Elmer Bandit, who passed away this week. A record Holder for logged trail miles (over 20,000!) he competed actively all last year and a post mortem showed that while he didnt really have good teeth anymore, everything else was just fine.

I'm reading on how they took care of him, his trail attitude, etc and am noticing alot of correlations between Elmer and Raji.

Old Horses Rock :)
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long time no post :)

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one of those mornings...I dumped a glass of water over the toaster (while it was on) and knocked over my coffee (soaking a bunch of books)

this is usually the cue for our heroine to slow down, clean the friggin house and start paying attention to whats going on OUTSIDE her head

gotta love the holidays :)
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I just spent the evening making up little individual baggies of pony vitamins so the nice helpful barn staff can just dump a baggie into the bucket for HisNibs. there's a baggie to go with breakfast and a baggie to go with dinner. Each baggie contains a carefully measured bit of vitamins and/or herbal supplements, stuff for his arthritis, etc. you know those pill minder thingies your grammie had in her purse? with little compartments so she could remember which she had taken, etc? **

its like that, but ziplock bags. and now I have this rather unpleasant taste of alfalfa dust and licorice (the multivitamin has fenugreek in it which is supposed to be good for ponies). blech.

but I did a whole months worth so now HisNibs is set even if I cant get to the barn for a long time (weather, etc). also ran to the feedstore tonight to get stocked up on grain.

cant wait for the days to get longer so I can reward myself by going for a wee ride after work...

** actually, there's a company that makes up those compartment thingies for horses. you tell them what vitamins, etc you want and they'll make em up for you. and its actually not that much more expensive than buying in bulk and making up baggies. too bad the stuff I want they dont have...
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HisNibs is now well esconced at the new barn and we're both blissfully happy :). the staff is kind and observant, and he is making new pony pals with the group turnout. He has a nice little 5 acre pasture to kick up his heels and wallow in the mud in. we've not had any stocking up since he got moved there and while still slow to warm up, he's full of piss and vinegar and bounce. I may need to start calling him tigger...

over my staycation, I managed to ride almost every day and it was AWESOME> theres some new things for MrCrankyPants...being an urban pony now means things like crosswalks (with the button placed at horseback height :)), baby strollers !!!!! and rafts of chihuahuas on leashes yapping their heads off. he also has met joggers on the trail and thinks if they're running, well, maybe he should too?

He finished a nice 10 mile trip tired but sound (yay!) and we've been exploring the tons of nice maintained trails in the neighborhood. We need to invest in some reflective clothing for both of us though...it gets DARK early. in the woods by 3pm, the light is starting to fail and we have a bit of road riding to get home after that.

Still havent quite figured out how to ride after work...havent managed to get out of here before 4:30 at the earliest. I may need to just bite the bullet, dress warmly and go ride even if it means pulling him away from his dinner and riding in the dark. even a bit of grooming would be good...he's so shaggy!! and washing off his legs (theres some mud in the pasture and he can be prone to mud fever, etc jsut like every other horse in the PacNW) probably wouldnt hurt either. a thermos of hot water from home, lower leg bath and a splash of MTG will fix that right up, I'm thinking... (plus it makes him smell like a smokey ham hock. bonus! ;))

He's still not eating all that well, but I'mt old he takes a good month to get settled in to new digs. he is getting used to the routine, though. standing quietly in the crossties, knowing which direction home is and knowing that arena means ground work and treats :). We have made trips to the redmond watershed preserve as well as Bridle Trails state park, and next weekend we're checking out Soaring Eagle state park, it helps that I have a friend who boards nearby and who is always looking for someone to ride with. she has a Tennessee Walker and Rajis normal walk is a happy jig that keeps up nicely with young Master Royal.

all in all, I look forward to many happy hours at the new barn...the trails will be passable year round, we're making friends and he should finish the winter in fine condition to hit the ground running next spring!
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four more days till my stay-cation. squee!!

yesterday, test drove the new eye doc. the old one just POOF disappeared, leaving no records, or infrastructure. kinda wierd. the new gal is fine, tho a bit happy with the dialation drops. I suppose being thorough is a good thing but dang! on the up side, she says I get another reprieve for bifocals. its hard since I do so much flipping between near and far work, and that "near" isnt neccessarily where the bifocals think it should be. anyway, new glasses should be ready soon...it will be lovely to be able to see again. I've needed a new prescription for a while. went ahead and splurged on the clip on sunglasses even. I did NOT get the lime green frames the cute boy thought I should get. I'm just not that brave :)

also, since its a new eye doc, she doesnt bill insurance. ouch. I'll get reimbursed (for most) but still, it was a big chunk of change. what do folks who dont have insurance do about glasses? I'm pretty sure any health care reform WONT do anything about vision coverage, which is a shame. its something that a majority of the population needs, and it affects productivity. granted, not all frames cost as much as the ones I got, but the exam was still $95, which is a chunk of change if you have to pay for it yourself. and a vision exam is one of those "healthy wellness" things you're supposed to do at least yearly so your eyeballs dont fall out or anything embarassing like that! (or in my case, there's signs of something that might turn into something bad, so they want to keep an eye on it with exams at least every year if not every 6 months)

I feel a diatribe on health care reform coming on but dont have time or focus to get it down just yet. stay tuned.


proceeding apace with planning for my cooking class on Sat. hooray! its pretty much full, which is AWESOME. its been a really long time since I've had enough students to even make the class go, much less fill up. maybe I'm not as old news as all that?

the class is "how to cook from medieval recipes". basically taking medieval recipes and making food from them. having a good time going through my favorites and picking out ones with a high chance of success as well as ones that arent too out there so folks with little cooking experience (much less medieval cooking experience) have a chance of amking something tasty. with 15 students and a commercial kitchen, we're gonna have fun :)

so, foodie friends, what are your favorite medieval recipes? what ones do you think the newbie medieval cook would enjoy playing with? so far I've got macrows and yrchons and such for easy and a digby cake if there's someone who wants a bit more of a challenge...

other ideas?
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wow. what a weekend. I managed to pack a million things in there, and a ton of living, and even some sleeping in. isnt that what a good weekend is supposed to do?

1. in spite of a late start, managed to get down to Olyway NOT super late Thurs night. hung out with in the irrepressable DrE in the hot tub, drinking sea breezes and chatting till WAY too late. her hot tub is on her deck, overlooking Elb Inlet. the wind was up and we could see storm fronts moving through FAST. very cool :) I'm gonna miss "having" to spend time with her so much, but she promises that we'll still have play dates when the horse doesnt live down there anymore

2. Fri vet appt was super uber early (8am!!) but the vet was super pleased with Rajis progress. hooray!!!!! his body condition is great (tho she says she'd still like to see him with more weight on him and to please keep up on the new diet). she noticed his dapples (yay rice bran!) and that he had a real bounce in his step (yay HA intrarticular injections!). she pronounced him sound and good to go. squee!

we then saddled up and spent the day puttering about...doing arena work (drills!) and then loops out on the trails. Oh, I'm gonna miss those trails. Raji is the same deep chestnut red as fallen maple leaves and so out there he disappears (pony camo!). we went and played in the creek where there's a salmon run in full force and even did some of the hill loops (yay! he did 'em great, even charging up a couple. tho the poor boy has NO WIND right now. I see much conditioning in our future). he did GREAT and in spite of about 3 hrs (maybe 5 or 6 miles on the trails? plus the arena time?) there wasnt any stumbling or leg swelling and he finished full of piss and vinegar. hooray!!!!! That accident in August took along time to get over and I'm so delighted that he's doing so great :). Now when we move him, I can focus on conditioning, building muscle and flexibility so that when next season starts he can hit the ground RUNNING. yay!

ran some errands with C, came back, kissed HisNibs on his marshmallow nose (and checked his leg and knee, pronouncing them sound. yay!) and headed up the coast.

3. Hwy 101 is lovely :). managed to go part of the way when it was still light....just at dusk I passed a large field where they were slash burning and that was cool. Giant bonfires of debris were bright orange yellow against the darkening forest. awesome. the sunset on the water was stunning and traffic was not worth mentioning. Managed to hit the condo at 5 or 6pm...sweet!! [livejournal.com profile] secretsquire had gotten a condo on the beach in Port Townsend (well, Discovery Bay) for the week and invited some of us to come and hang out and knit for the weekend. it was a lovely crowd....[livejournal.com profile] hinkie and [personal profile] countess_e and [livejournal.com profile] elfreda and new friend Dawn (does she have a LJ handle?). we played knitting instruction videos and compared books. I worked on holiday projects, leanring to bead!.

Managed to sleep for 9 hrs!!!!!! and then we had a lovely breakfast courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] elfreda and Dawn. (mmm...potato pancakes...) then headed into town to hit the farmers market, some yarn stores and the port townsend creamerie where we got a tour and tasting of yummy cheese from cute cheesy boys. Back to the condo for gnosh (mmmm. salumi mole salami....) more knitting and a fabulous dinner of roast chicken, greenbean bakey thing, roasted potatos, a green salad and dolche de leche on apples for dessert. oh yes, and some amazing local hard cider....

Sunday was about waffles of insane greatness, some smoked salmon eggy goodness, hitting the ciderie (I needed to procure some of that for myself and holiday gifts), mor eknitting, another yarn store and a nice long walk. saw multiple bald eagles and walked along the edge of the bay for a nice long time, periodically jumping up and down to tamp down the waffles...

threw together a dinner of salad with chicken, bacon, blue cheese, pecans and dried cranberries for dinner and then I ditched [livejournal.com profile] secretsquire to head home. again, totally uneventful drive, too bad it was pitch dark.

4. today is an appt with a new eye doc (eep!) and a super busy week, as always :). Sat I teach a cooking class, so need to get that all pulled together (its my basic "heres' how to cook from medieavl recipes" class so its just a matter of cut and pasting a fun handout for them, and some groceyr shopping :)). Sunday, we move Raj to the new barn. squee!!!! and then I have the week off, so I plan on riding every day to help him get settled in. EVERY DAY. did I mention every day? no? well, every day then.

Need to run out there some evening this week to get things setup for him but otherwise we're good to go :).

the beauty of it is that even though I did a TON this weekend, I managed to get enough sleep. interestingly, that makes the upcoming turmoil that much easier to deal with :)
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sorry for the radio silence. things have been....interesting.

what the @#$ is up with AM? )


I've been healing nicely from the fall, thank you. some residual twinges etc but nothing more than you'd expect from a woman my age and no more than I deserve :). the broken ribs are resolved, thank goodness. that one sucked. the busted elbow is mostly fine but I still forget and grab or hold things badly. Shouldnt be doing that anyway, so there you go :)

everything is going great guns. seriously. we're freaky busy. I'm cranking out data so fast my boss told me yesterday that I need to start scheduling in planning and documentation time. its fun stuff...we have projects that are just starting (I love the discovery part of R and D :)) and others that are in the "how can we target patients, and what diseases can we aim our new spiffy drug at?". I love clinical work :). Have a freezer full of patient samples that I get to run through the paces and see whats what. sweet!

I'm busy enough that I'm able to blissfully ignore the not so fun part of working for a megacorp. they''re outsourcing more and more support services, rendering them less than useless. I understand the requirement for cost savings and limiting overhead, really I do. but explain how its a cost savings overall to have me spend my time nagivating the ordering system and such instead of doing lab work? bah.


Raji is still a bit dented. we've gone through a bunch of time, and horsie PT and even hyluronic inter articular injections (cool!) and he's moving ok and full of piss and vinegar. hopefully after a winter of rehab he'll be right as rain, fingers crossed! it looks like he's got some arthritis in his knee, for exmaple, so I'm learning how to do hot/cold therapy on horses. good times :)

the big news is that I'm going to move him to a new barn!!! super excited and super scared by this :). I've always just kept my leased horse at whatever barn they live at. the owner was responsible for al the care, I was just along for the ride (har har). With Raj, we were at a barn that was lovely and close to his owner but 2 hrs away.

the new barn? about 20 min away :)


its got everything I could want or need, including being on a major trail system. and its close enough that I'll be able to ride more than once a week. sweet!!! the only down side...its a lot more money (about double) what I've been paying. ouch. but Raji will be getting great care, its about $200 less a month than the average barn costs for the area and I'll get to ride lots more!!! squee!  He'll be sharing a pasture with some other older guys and they can stand around eating grass and making grumpy faces at each other. He's gonna love it :). I'm gonna love it!! its not a "show barn" by any means. I think I may be one of the youngest people there. theres no covered arena (tho its Horsie Central...there's instructors and covered arenas all around us and some instructors come to the barn already) and no wash rack. the barn is really old but in good repair. but the fencing? OMG the fencing is AWESOME

I've been looking at ALOT of barns and some of the fencing I've seen would curl your hair. This place? is lovely. and safe. and secure. yay :)

did I mention its about 20 min away? even with horrible traffic, it will be less time than getting to Olympia. squee! I'm going to miss alot of things about the barn I'm at now but 20 mins?!?!?!

see aforementioned barn hunt and work. 'nuff said. I have been slowly trying to de clutter and make headway on stuff. a closet here, a cupboard there. but overall the house is NOT in the state I'd like it. Need to figure that out. having pony 20 min away will help...now "riding days" dont allow for ANYTHING else. at the new barn, there's no reason I cant putter around the house in the AM an dhit the barn by noon. sweet :).

the cats are ok...Archie is over whatever the #$% was wrong with him. Need to gird the loins to take him in for a final bloodwork so we can start him back on kitty valium (pleeeeeease?). I wish I could drawy his blood at home, it would make everyone happier I think...Circe is in her happy zone. still in the kitty isolation suite during the day etc but she seems to lik eit just fine :). shes a cat. they sleep all day anyway!

SCA stuff....
sorry but my hearts just not in it right now. I mean I love seeing people but I'm having a hard time getting excited over local kerfluffles and "power grabs" by incompetant amatures.  Need to spend some brain juice on Ithra stuff, get to teach for Liz in a couple weeks (yay!)  need to do some pondering on what/if I'm gonna get together for an A?S entry next spring. 

having a bunch of folks over, taking the week off work to clean the house and help Raji get settled into his new digs (riding every day?!??!) and trying to pin down a menu. I dont think I own 12 plates that match so the table will be.....eclectic :). fortunately my friends and family wont dwell on that :). the food will be good and the company stellar. and thats what its about :)

to sum up:
trying to find balance. not succeeding very well right now, but am hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. the new barn will put a serious crimp in my finances, but frankly, I've been letting lack of time encourage unfortunate choices anyway. I know how to do this. I can totally do this. 


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in between things, I actually find making lists calming. there is so much going on in my little frenzied head that it whirls around and around like when you put not enough stuff in the blender so it doesnt actually blend but just whizzes around uselessly. yeah. thats my brain.

anyway, lists. lots and lots of lists. just made a list of "stuff I want to do around the house". actually, its a stack of lists, each room on its own piece of paper.

right now I'm trying to decide if this constitutes "breaking it all into manageable sized units" or if it constitutes "WTF are you thinking, now you have a stack of giant blue stickie notes instead of one list". I think I'm going for the former.

some of the stuff is more structural...replacing a broken light fixutre in the laundry room. spackle/sand/paint all the dings in the walls and woodwork, replacing the waterline to the washer with a spiffy metal one (guarenteed never to rupture), rewrapping the water tank, regrouting the tub etc.
some of it is organizational: purging cupboards, closets, dressers and bookcases. thinning clothing stockpiles (modern and medieval). thinning dishes and old pots and pans (how many pie plates does a girl really need? or random cute coffee cups that folks gave her but now she has so many she cant close the cupboard door? ditto flower vases and tupperware tubs who's lids seem to have gone missing). thinning the linen cupboard (old towels. just get rid of them, already! you dont need to save an entire cupboard full for rags, just in case...sort them and take them to the barn for gosh sakes and call it good). I've been meaning to move one of my large banquet tables upstairs to make a permanent sewing space, and do some major purging up there as well in advance planning of upcoming house guests to make the guest room in the Room of Mystery more room and less mystery :)

some is just basic housekeeping (cant remember the last time I washed and waxed the hardwood floors, rather than my usual damp mop with some murphys; replacing the batteries in teh smoke detectors, etc) my carpets desperately need to be shampooed and my garage needs some major tidying.

also need to start going on the holiday prep....making mustard, holiday knitting projects, getting stuff set for thanksgiving dinner (polish silver, rewash wine glasses, make sure I have enough plates for all the guests, etc), stack and store the firewood I stockpiled earlier, etc.

there's a fair bit to do, but if I break it into bite sized pieces, I might be able to make some headway....hopefully....
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so it occurs to me that AnTir West might be the perfect opportunity for a fund raising dinner as we are discussing in my previous post.... lots of cooks to pull from, and more importantly, lots of foodies to buy tickets :)

hmmm. definately something to ponder....


do you raffle the dinner as a unit, potentially not making back your food costs?

do you take bids on the dinner? auction it off to the highest bidder? (in my experience these rarely go for what they're worth)

do you sell individual tickets, up to a total of 12 or so?

do you ask the cooks etc to donate the costs of foodstuffs? do you accept monetary donations for that on top of ticket prices?

the logistics kinda make ones head spin....


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an interesting idea....what if a banquet was planned, no holds barred, all the stops pulled out. everyone on the executive staff really really really knew their stuff.

and here's the new part....they charged people what it actually was worth.

I've done real world charity gigs before. the modern audience will happily pay $20 or more for a seat at a table, and that's a single course or two. I even got bought at a charity auction for $300 and I came and did a class where the people who paid did the cooking! (that was tons of fun :)) Yet the SCA audience winges and whines at more than $5 for a multicourse sit down served meal. Have they not done grocery shopping? Heck, you cant even buy a big mac, drink and fries for that. *sigh*

I wonder, if I recruited some NAMES and we did a sit down, served feast for a good cause (royal travel fund? regalia? someones medical expenses?), how much would AnTirians pay per plate? we're talking you show up and sit down. all the feast gear could be donated and you got to keep it. the food would be period and awesome. we're talking a roast, goose and fish (oysters? a whole salmon?) and subtleties. A feast for the eyes as well as the tongue. we're talking a banquetting course on the sugar paste plates that you get to keep (or eat :)). good background live musicians. Maybe 12 or 15 guests tops. Heck, you could even pick the time/place of the food.

My gut says it might be a good idea for us, but I know times are tough. hmmmm.......

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WWJD? Seattle CSA meets a memory of a meal... )ok. Julia apparently doesnt DO peasant food, or if she does? its NOT the cider cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms that I remember from that farm kitchen in the Perche, where a charming french horseman with a grey handlebar mustache made us dinner with his own hands in our charming gite. we ate local stuff, drank local cider and ate till we were stuffed. we chattered and nattered in broken franglish about how people just dont know how to EAT anymore and all kinds of fun things

so I grabbed a package of chicken thighs and tried.

mushrooms, celery and leeks from my CSA braised in olive oil, white wine and cider until almost dry
chicken thighs browned in olive oil and nestled in the veggies
make a sauce of non fat quark, dijon mustard and more cider
add thyme, salt and pepper
let burble until sauce is thick

served on oven roasted potatoes (also from my CSA)

yum :). oh. and pretty much fat free. not the creamy stuff I remember (made with local creme fraische) but still a very satisfying mouth feel. complex but simple at the same time. will freeze great, methinks :)
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brain full of wrangling judges for baronial A/S, ideas for halloween costumes (doing reasearch on fun "death goddesses" through history, cuz that's the kind of geek I am. there will be documentation.) and trying to not let the housework of last week get too quickly undone.

healing for both me and the pony proceed apace. he's still not sound enough to ride, and if I'm brutally honest, neither am I, so there you go. didnt stop me from trying on a friends steady true horse. nothing got torn off, just not super comfy, but that will come with time. its not the riding that hurt, mind you, it was the getting on and off. fortunately you only have to do that once each way as a general rule, so its all ok.

 that said, I had a need to RIDE. I rode walk trot and canter just to prove to my gut that I could do it and not fall off. that checked off, we can get on with things now. :).
that adage about getting back on after a fall? its a good one. really.

on judge wrangling, things are complicated by the fact that so many of my usual suspects are going to Last Chance. major bummer on several fronts. I would have liked to have gone, is the selfish whine. the more altruistic one is that so many of the entries would really benefit from judging by folks who will be going to LC.  Sigh.

it should be a fun competition though...we've got this amazing array of stuf ranging from a horse bit to a pike drill to an astrolabe to gloves.... now to find judges for it all! anyone read italian at all?? :)
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anyone want apples? I got three trees worth and I need to get them taken care of.
we'll be doing applesauce and pie filling on Saturday but that is only about 12 lbs worth. Bring grocery sacks and take all you can carry!!!

once we've gone through the windfalls (they always taste best if you can find ones the raccoons and squirrels havent nibbled), we'll strip the trees. 

I wish two of those apple trees were cherries, or plums or somethingl ike that, but oh well. apparently the former homesteaders liked apples :)

hmmm. maybe I should plant a plum tree this fall. those yellow prune plums. they make the best jam....

in other news, poor raji is still lame :(. no CMO ride this weekend and the Emprise a few weeks away is looking less likely (if he's sound enough to trailer I'll still bring him so I can hand walk him about for a couple days, which is better than nothing). the big endurance race is in October...am maintaining an open mind about that (and there's multiple things waiting in the wings for that weekend if I end up not going. funny how that works)

am slowing cleaning and packing up stuff from the summer, storing it for the winter. am thinking there may be a purge in my future...I mean, how many sets of feast girl does one girl need? and my new 16thc. kit means I should do a purge (or at least a box up) of some older stuff in that department as well.

feeling overwhelmed by clutter, which is my usual reaction to a seasons change :). fortunately I know what to do about that.... I just really seem to lack the motivation to start much less keep at it once I start. meh.... 

plus, its fair time!!! need to find the time to go and kiss goats and look at pies and quilts and ride a creaky old roller coaster. 

I love fall :)
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