Sep. 7th, 2009

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back from crown...hope folks got pictures!
just a quick one, I'm done done done and after I unload the coolers and start the laundry I'm going to bed (at 7pm. yes I'm pathetic)

the awesome stuff:
seeing my apprentice Sean elevated to the laurel. I am pleased as punch and I think this will take our relationship to a whole new place. I'm really jazzed about the fun stuff we get to teach each other now :). the ceremony was perfect, much happy crying and lovely things were said about my Tall Gothy Apprentice Boy (who I now must  come up with a new moniker for)

dont hate me, but I liked the weather. It POURED but it wasnt cold. I got to run around in my cute woolie flemish clothes and was toasty and warm and dry. OK, not so thrilled wqith the wet tent draped in my living room right now, but I'll deal :)

the not so awesome stuff:
being broken. being so broken that by the end of the second day I couldnt lift my wet wool skirts to get undressed. (good thing I'm bendy). thank goodness for a posse who took it in stride and made it all possible

so sorry some folks missed it, but all in all, it went really well I think :)

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