Jul. 21st, 2009

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coronation report )what a lovely weekend!!

the trip down went ok, traffic was sticky but I had a new book on tape so it was all good :). stopped for a raspberry smoothie at burgerville, and got to site about 5 hrs after I left home.

setup was smooth and easy... one of our new posse members found us a primo spot and we shoehorned ourselves in nicely. there was a bit of shade, and lots of breeze and flush biffies and water right over THERE. perfect!

finally went to bed around midnight, mostly because I kept chatting at folks :). our prime real estate meant everyone who wanted to use real bathrooms walked by. yay! so even though we were as far as you could get from the eric, etc, we never really felt isolated. awesome :)

8am peerage meetings are early. just sayin'. but they were ok. what could have been BigDrama turned into fairly minor drama because frankly? our council is full of grownups. say what you will, we got some awesome leaderhip among our ranks. even when we dont agree, its civil. God permit that it stays that way.

after peerage meetings, I went back to camp where happy campmates had set aside a plate of bacon and oatmeal for me :). if you take cold oatmeal (ew!) and mix turbinado, toasted almonds, dried cherries and half and half? tada! pudding! yum!!! and bacon? who can say anything bad about bacon?

did a bit of shopping with folks (bought an awesome straw hat, and now have the perennial problem of how to get it to stay on my head) and then back to camp. I must admit I missed almost all of both courts and coronations becuase of severe nap attacks. I was nudged awake once to get dressed :) and made it to court in enough time to accept a nice award from TRM (the Order of the Lance de la Lion, which is for service and excellence in equestrian arts. they even painted the horse on it to be chestnut like my Raji), then back to camp to start dinner.

yes, it was hot, but my new flemish outfit kept me comfortable more or less the whole day. bodes well for Pennsic!!

we cooked up a storm on the cute brazier that [personal profile] gwen_the_potter  loaned us. we made ramekins of cheese which was inhaled by hungy campers, followed by an asiago stuffed pork roast (Epilario, IIRC? its Eduardos recipe), snap peas with bacon (le Menagier), pasta with cheese (English 14thc) and yummy little fruit pies (mmm. strawberry rhubarb!!!!) we even managed to do most of the dishes before it got dark :)

Sat night was mostly me, sitting by the fire, (must remember not to let tall dapper hubby put a log on right before he wants to leave...) so I missed all kinds of things I was kinda hoping to see, but oh well. I still managed to catch up with old friends who were tehre for Sarahs elevation, and general socialization :)

Sunday morning  I got to sleep in!!! then started the painful pack out process. Managed to make piles of stuff to go to Pennsic, and stuff to go in my car, and stuff to go in gothy apprentice boys car. was ready to go by noon, and my pennsic stuff was finally carted away at 4pm. got to hang in the shade with A, and that was nice :) but it was too late to go to the barn and get any riding in :(

traffic was a bugaboo, as youv'e no doubt heard, so by Olyway I was DONE. took a break and went to dinner with C at the Casino (all you can eat seafood!!) then on the road by 10pm, by which time there was no traffic to speak of. hah!

it was a lovely weekend. I got to hang with peeps, have a pretty period camp, and cook and nap and actually have real conversations with people. it is becoming painfully obvious to me that horses in the SCA are prohibitive to my favorite actitivies.

need to do some pondering on that.

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