May. 1st, 2009

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I figured out how to install RSS feeds onto my LJ front page. this is made of WIN

1. LOLcats and FailBlog, interspersed with CDC reports? cuz thats how I swing, baby

2. fugly for the faint of heart but its a good raelity check. I forget sometimes that all is not as it is in my perfect pony world. fortunately there's more LOLcats than

3. the French Letters blog has been a real treat...americans living in france. they're moving home right now, I hope they keep it up. there's fun food observations in this our "merican states too! I get the Yarn Harlot dumped on there as well as updates from a coupel of my favorite yarnstores.

4. assorted comics....Two Lumps and Pearls before Swine

oneo f the strengths of LJ over Facebook is that its infinately more tweakable and customizable (is that a word?). Folks can read without me having to subscribe to their writing. and I can configure my entry however I like. It really is a blogging tool as opposed to a social networking tool, though many of us use it for that too.

I do have to say I miss the "like" toggle, though. being able to comment simply "yay!" without taking up a whole entry is nice :)

in other news, its a sunny day in the neighborhood. our heroine, having worked multiple long days this week intends on finishing todays experiments as quickly as possible and then getting the heck out dodge with one of her best gal pals, to spend the weekend in fair geekery with some other like minded indivuduals.

the ipod is loaded, the gas tank is full and we is ready!

ETA: word on the street....the project our heroine has been sinking her lifesblood and soul into for the last two years? just got the green light to move into preclinical :). woot!! an antibody that kills cancer targets specifically so has no side effects? awesome!!!!

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