Feb. 11th, 2009

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joint apprentice night with the indominable/indomitable [livejournal.com profile] countess_e  was fun and I hope successful.

tall gothy apprentice boy [livejournal.com profile] seanoconner and his lovely wife [livejournal.com profile] secretsquire hosted with grace as always. it was good to get the folks in one place and they found, as is often the case, that they had reason to intersect unrelated to apprenticeship. that's always fun :). the food was good (mmmm. homemade goat cheesy goodness) and the conversation lively.

the business part of the program allowed us to state categorically:
1. there is a List, for both pelicans and laurels. everyone who has done anything is on it. that means you. so get over it.
2. if you're on the list we talk about you. that means you. so get over it. and when we say "talk about" we mean 'what are they doing? hows it going? how can we help them get better at it?". we do NOT mean talking aobut as in purient gossip, etc.
3. we established who wants to be suprised and who doesnt. if it should come up. which it might not. so get over it. ;)
4. neither liz or i see our role as laurel as "getting you moved up the list". some peers do.  we see our role as enabling you to be the best you can be at whatever you choose. this is totally unrelated to SCA peerage.
5. sometimes someone is recognised as a peer because they've been doing their thang, they're a leader in their field, they've innovated and trained and done stuff for YEARS. The regional council sees this, mentors, nudges and enables as best they can and eventually recommends to the crown.

sometimes someone is recognised because the crown thinks they're supposed to be recognised.
sometimes someone is a rock star at home but unknown elsewhere.
sometimes someone is rockstar far away but is a jerk at home.
sometimes someone is a jerk to peons and a lovely person to peers.
sometimes someone is a jerk to peers and a love3ly person to peons
sometimes someone is a jerk period.

anyone of these someones can be eleveated (or not). its matter of timing, luck, and other random factors in addition to skill and influence. in short, get over it. ;)

6. the regional and kingdom councils work by consensus. no, really. we do multiple discussions in an effort to build that consensus. its not a vote, and if someone hates you and is trying to blacklist you, the entire council will work together to generate consensus one way or the other. 

7. if anyone tells you that you "need to" or "you're being held back because" walk away. they're not helping, and likely not even right. if you feel you're stuck or need a nudge to help you be better at wghatever you're doing, thats what your peer is for.

it was an evening of rambling far flung philosophizing. I hope the apprenti and assorted others heard the messages. most importantly I hope they know that their peers have their best interests at heart and while they'll never put them forward for SCA awards, they're always looking for fun challenges, growth opportunities and ways to help them build their name fame.

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