Feb. 8th, 2009

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what a lovely event! Candlemas was a hoot and yet another blow struck for the "watch AM try to learn how to balance her fun vs responsibilities". yay me!

Isabeau, the kingdom A/S champion stayed at my house which is always fun :). she got to watch me cook, lucky her :). then up WAY too early to catch the 7:10 boat to the peninsula. I do loves me a ferry ride :).

class went well :). much gnoshing and students seemed to enjoy it. really really really need to jazz up the handout and lecture and I think its dull tho everyone was nice and didnt say anything :). I got to make some recipes I hadnt done in a while and remembered how much like I like them. Expect to see them at an event this summer.

I got to take a class event...Isabeaus Etuille class. I made a cute little tooled leather needle case and am far too pleased with myself. What is it about making something, learning a new skill? I had a bit of a meltdown at the end but I blame low blood sugar and not enough sleep. Fortunately Isabeau took pity on me and helped me.
the feast was lovely :). R did a lovely job :) I got to heap  my plate with one of my favorite dishes (a chicken dish with dried fruit and almonds. yum!) and slathered a bit of a spiced almond bread with some home made goaty cheesy goodness. got to do some serious face time with cute little red haired apprentice [livejournal.com profile] annisa_1380  and well as the indominable [livejournal.com profile] countess_e , Isabeau, and assorted other fun folks :). Even got to make some new friends (hi [livejournal.com profile] trulinor !!!!) who moved here from points east. I anticipate a glorious friendship with those two :). Dragonslaire really does have some of the most lovely people :)

A ferry snafu (misreading the schedule) meant the trip home was longer and bit a more arduous than intended but it all worked out ok. I'm a bit worried that we may have abandoned [livejournal.com profile] irish_prince somewhere along the way but I'll likely phone him today and make sure he made it home ok :))

today is a day of horsie fun in the fog :). I am looking forward to working with China the abandoned arab mare. Got some more history on her...and am trying really hard not to get into "rescue" mode. it may be too late. you guys know what a sucker I am for a pair of soft eyes....and on a horse its a double whammy.  ;)

next big thing? YarnCon!!! going to Madrona Fiber Arts festival with [livejournal.com profile] secretsquire  and [livejournal.com profile] hinkie , taking classes from some knitting rock stars and generally geeking out about string :).... I am such a dork!
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little grey arab ChinaGirl did awesome today. I may have even managed to kinda sorta learn how to post. and.....we did a wee canter. didnt even turn into a gallop which for her is huge. even more significantly, she didnt bite me or run me down and I managed to bridle her in one easy shot.

in two weeks we have an sca horse practice at the barn. I think I'll bring her out for a bit and see how she does.

also, the barn owner has a horse in residence who's looking for a leasor. Big rangy copper colored thoroughbred gelding named Mercury. apparently he's an eventing whiz. I have to admit I dont have a lot of experience with TBs... it will be interesting to test drive him and see what its like. the hottest horses I've ever ridden before are arabs and theyre their own whole different thang I know.

still, a good day at the barn. a couple more hours saddle time and I may have this posting thing nailed. Prgoress was made with China on ground manners accepting the bit and maintaining gait under saddle.

go me :)

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