Jan. 17th, 2009

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come to candlemas!
take my class!
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today was one of those days that I got lots done, but not neccessarily the stuff on my "list". oh well.

I did manage to dig through my closet and find something suitable and black for the memorial this week that I can still fit into, so yay for that.

I also managed to make two loaves of bread, and finish a birthday gift for a certain little red haired apprentice. did a load of dishes and another handful of rows of knitting on my clapotis shawl.  who's idea was it to make this thing out of fingering weight sock yarn? oh yeah. mine. still, every dropped stitch feels so naughty it gives me quite the thrill. yes. my life is pathetic. whats your point? (for those not in the know, a clapotis is a fun little shawl/wrap thingie that uses purposefully dropped stitches to make this laddery lace pattern. check it out at:

it will be perfect to leave on the back of my chair at work for when I'm at work later than they have the heat on (ie 6pm). and I'm doing mine out of the prettiest emerald green malabrigo merino wool sock yarn :)

also did the swatching for a pair of mitts that I'm going to trade for the cutest little tudor hats you've even seen, so get to cross that off my list too. even found the yarn for one of those laurel beanies I posted about earlier...I loves me some cables, yes I do :)

I even got the boxes out to put away the holiday decorations. I have to admit I really really like the lit up garland I have over my front window and I'll be sad to see it go away for a year.

tomorrow I'll go to the barn, yay!!! first time since before the holidays. I hope my butt doesnt fall off. on the upside, according to the calorie calculator a day at the barn  (4 hrs of arena work, trail work, longing, grooming, etc) uses about 900 calories. even more if I muck a stall or two. all that and you get to kiss a horse too? win win baby!



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