Jan. 9th, 2009

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think grateful thoughts for the road crews who have been working through the night, multiple nights now, in icky cold and wet weather. Sure, they get to play with giant tonka trucks and stuff but that only goes so far when you're up to your knees in sewage contaminated icy cold water. just sayin'.

also please humor me and give a moments quiet reflection for all the horses, cows, dogs, cats and assorted wildlife who didnt survive. I am worried about the salmon who have made such a hard won recovery (the first big storm was at the start of the spawning runs. they could likely recover from that but this last storm...how many egg nests survived it?) on the plus side the dumping of all that organic material means happy things for hay fields and critters that eat the sludge on the bottom of ponds, etc....

things look good for an on time (for us) departure for points south. I will be sure to pack enough snacks, blankets and a thermos of hot tea in case we get stuck somewhere but in my typical flavor of optimism, packing it means we wont need it, big storm front on Sunday not withstanding :). God knows I'll have enough clothes to last 40 days and 40 nights, even if some of them are a bit unusual for your casual truck stop customer....

besides, if we get stuck in Eugene, how fun would THAT be? I get <lj user="countess_e"> to myself for HOURS!!!! lucky me!!!! (her luck may be the subject of debate, as while I get her to myself, she is stuck with me. she may not be as jazzed about the idea as I am, but then I'm driving, so neener neener neener!)

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