Jan. 8th, 2009

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so the WSDOT has a blog that they update WAY more than their website, and has actual real info. neato!
this mornings report says that I5 by centralia is still closed and that theres 2-3 feet of water over the lanes. they also explain exactly how much water will make your car stall and how much water will wash your SUV away. helpful in dettering city mice who think because they have a suburu outback they'll be fine.....


they also say they're expecting it to get to 10 feet of water at some point. eep.

I hope my friends who live down there are ok.

one thing to remember tho is that I5 is a MAJOR commerical arterial for our state. they will come up with a work around if its at all possible. there's too much money riding on it not to.

the rain here has stopped so I expect the cresting to happen sometime today. its kinda scary how fast waters can crest....and then recede. I'm still optimisitc for a not too adventurous trip down even if it means leaving later, or taking some alternate route down the coast (101? flood closures come and go, so I'll be looking at options and rechecking OFTEN....)

its so nice and quiet this mronign....quite a change from the wild weather yesterday!
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erm. *gulp*. just sayin'.


I wish I could afford a plane ticket but I cant. I used up all my extra miles buying tickets for me and Liz to go visit Avacal and teach for them.

we'll see what we see tomorrow~
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do I pick the smaller more intimate meeting at Whistler where my boss, who is also attending will notice if I'm not there?

or do I pick the larger giant OMG MY BRAIN IS FULL meeting in Denver? with no skiing?

choices, choices....

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