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I just spent the evening making up little individual baggies of pony vitamins so the nice helpful barn staff can just dump a baggie into the bucket for HisNibs. there's a baggie to go with breakfast and a baggie to go with dinner. Each baggie contains a carefully measured bit of vitamins and/or herbal supplements, stuff for his arthritis, etc. you know those pill minder thingies your grammie had in her purse? with little compartments so she could remember which she had taken, etc? **

its like that, but ziplock bags. and now I have this rather unpleasant taste of alfalfa dust and licorice (the multivitamin has fenugreek in it which is supposed to be good for ponies). blech.

but I did a whole months worth so now HisNibs is set even if I cant get to the barn for a long time (weather, etc). also ran to the feedstore tonight to get stocked up on grain.

cant wait for the days to get longer so I can reward myself by going for a wee ride after work...

** actually, there's a company that makes up those compartment thingies for horses. you tell them what vitamins, etc you want and they'll make em up for you. and its actually not that much more expensive than buying in bulk and making up baggies. too bad the stuff I want they dont have...
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