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anyone want apples? I got three trees worth and I need to get them taken care of.
we'll be doing applesauce and pie filling on Saturday but that is only about 12 lbs worth. Bring grocery sacks and take all you can carry!!!

once we've gone through the windfalls (they always taste best if you can find ones the raccoons and squirrels havent nibbled), we'll strip the trees. 

I wish two of those apple trees were cherries, or plums or somethingl ike that, but oh well. apparently the former homesteaders liked apples :)

hmmm. maybe I should plant a plum tree this fall. those yellow prune plums. they make the best jam....

in other news, poor raji is still lame :(. no CMO ride this weekend and the Emprise a few weeks away is looking less likely (if he's sound enough to trailer I'll still bring him so I can hand walk him about for a couple days, which is better than nothing). the big endurance race is in October...am maintaining an open mind about that (and there's multiple things waiting in the wings for that weekend if I end up not going. funny how that works)

am slowing cleaning and packing up stuff from the summer, storing it for the winter. am thinking there may be a purge in my future...I mean, how many sets of feast girl does one girl need? and my new 16thc. kit means I should do a purge (or at least a box up) of some older stuff in that department as well.

feeling overwhelmed by clutter, which is my usual reaction to a seasons change :). fortunately I know what to do about that.... I just really seem to lack the motivation to start much less keep at it once I start. meh.... 

plus, its fair time!!! need to find the time to go and kiss goats and look at pies and quilts and ride a creaky old roller coaster. 

I love fall :)
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