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an interesting idea....what if a banquet was planned, no holds barred, all the stops pulled out. everyone on the executive staff really really really knew their stuff.

and here's the new part....they charged people what it actually was worth.

I've done real world charity gigs before. the modern audience will happily pay $20 or more for a seat at a table, and that's a single course or two. I even got bought at a charity auction for $300 and I came and did a class where the people who paid did the cooking! (that was tons of fun :)) Yet the SCA audience winges and whines at more than $5 for a multicourse sit down served meal. Have they not done grocery shopping? Heck, you cant even buy a big mac, drink and fries for that. *sigh*

I wonder, if I recruited some NAMES and we did a sit down, served feast for a good cause (royal travel fund? regalia? someones medical expenses?), how much would AnTirians pay per plate? we're talking you show up and sit down. all the feast gear could be donated and you got to keep it. the food would be period and awesome. we're talking a roast, goose and fish (oysters? a whole salmon?) and subtleties. A feast for the eyes as well as the tongue. we're talking a banquetting course on the sugar paste plates that you get to keep (or eat :)). good background live musicians. Maybe 12 or 15 guests tops. Heck, you could even pick the time/place of the food.

My gut says it might be a good idea for us, but I know times are tough. hmmmm.......

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