Mar. 17th, 2009

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1. leftover indian food dumped on cubed roasted squash instead of!!  and all my friends on the other side of the water, you are lucky lucky lucky to have the best indian food in the PacNW (as far as I can tell. the only better I've ever had was in San Jose in Satans, oops, I mean Santana Row). If you're ever over there, check 'em out. its worth a detour. and be sure to get the Kashmiri naan....

2. drama is drama regardless of the forum. currently Ravelry (the knitting forum I belong to) is all a twitter because some folks got booted by the organizers. warranted or not, the current MO seems to be to squash any discussion, which of course makes the rumor mill work overtime. I'd chime in and say so, but frankly nothing gets my dander up more than being told not to worry my pretty head, the grownups will take care of it, just go away and play quietly over there. so I walk away, gritting my teeth.

3. its a beautiful sunny day. I wanna go ride my pony.

4. I have an embarrasment of fun projects to work on. unfortunately this usually results in a log jam where nothing gets done. need to work on that.

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