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I've been asked to teach (YAY!!!!) a four class on "Survey of the MIddle Ages"

ETA: this is for an Ithra session in November. think SCA audience, mostly folks who have been in for a year or three, many of them with college degrees, but not neccessarily with a history background per se.

am not sure how to condense the period from the norman invansion to the discovery of the new world into four hours in an engaging and entertaining way.

so, what are the key bits of the middle ages taht you think are the major "must know" bits?

is it better to just pick four single topics and cover them in a more depth way, (ending up being more USEFUL, IMO) and acknowlege that theres whole swaths that we wouldnt even touch on?

is it about dates and people? or is it about philosophical milestones? comparing cultures? does one break it into East vs West vs North vs South? does one focus on church vs education vs art vs innovation?

there's some really fun potential here :)

ETA: brainstorming over lunch with a work collegue, she had the idea that we could focus on 4-6 different important people/things. look at culture, historical framework, people, etc. have a break with snacks and music from the period, then do another one.

ex: bayeau tapestry; black death, feudalism and the rise of the middle class; the crusades and the fear of the other mixed with politics and the church; spice and its influence on culture, politics and economy; the medieval tournament, courtly love and such; ???

further ETA: here's the course syllabus for the university. note there's a fair bit of leeway in what HAS to be done vs what a teacher might consider doing....


Hours 4

Credits 4

Definition: A concise overview of medieval society, thought, art, and politics. [ETA....HAH!!!!! good luck!!!]

General tips: the instructor should be conversant with medieval history and have read original as well as modern sources on the period. The instructor will need to organize 1000 years of information into a coherent discourse and have a feel for the high points of the subject area that will give students a general appreciation for the period.

The instructor should cover: the historical changes that produced the culture we call the

Middle Ages (for example, the consequences of the fall of Rome, Charlemagne, the

Viking invasions, the Norman invasion of England, the Crusades, the Gothic period, the

Black Death, the Hundred Years War, the rediscovery of the New World, the Renaissance) and their effects; describe feudalism; the influence of Islam; the role of the Church and universities; trade and commerce; and governmental systems.

The instructor may also cover city and manorial life, money systems, arts and sciences, geography, literature. The instructor should be aware that there are other Ithra degree classes which cover many of these subjects in detail.

At the end of the class, the student should know: what period the Middle Ages covered, the names of some notable medieval persons, good and bad things that happened in the Middle Ages and the impact they had on people, and know what feudalism Is.

At minimum, the instructor should supply the student with an outline of the subjects covered and a resource list.

so with that in mind, one could discuss:
1. the norman invasion and the vikings (mmm. fishie snackage!), it wasnt all sailing about y'know...
2. the crusades (mmm. middle eastern snackage!) Richard Lionheart, Eleanore of Aquitaine (courtly love and the structure of europe in that period) Saladin, how it changed the west
3. the black death (mmm. ermmmm....) technology, life in a medieval town
4. the 100 years war (mmm, 15th c. snackage!),  the gothic period and King Rene
5. social structures and their evolution through our period (ie anglo saxon to feudalism to the rise of the middle class and guilds to the city state) (mmm. egalitarian snackage!) also to include the church, universities and other such things
6. the renaissance, both 12th c and 16th :)

I like the idea of a giant TimeLineOfDoom so that even though we wont be talking about it all, they can see where things relate to each other....

tho I must admit I'm a bit intimidated if I think on it too much....what have I gotten myself into???????

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back from crown...hope folks got pictures!
just a quick one, I'm done done done and after I unload the coolers and start the laundry I'm going to bed (at 7pm. yes I'm pathetic)

the awesome stuff:
seeing my apprentice Sean elevated to the laurel. I am pleased as punch and I think this will take our relationship to a whole new place. I'm really jazzed about the fun stuff we get to teach each other now :). the ceremony was perfect, much happy crying and lovely things were said about my Tall Gothy Apprentice Boy (who I now must  come up with a new moniker for)

dont hate me, but I liked the weather. It POURED but it wasnt cold. I got to run around in my cute woolie flemish clothes and was toasty and warm and dry. OK, not so thrilled wqith the wet tent draped in my living room right now, but I'll deal :)

the not so awesome stuff:
being broken. being so broken that by the end of the second day I couldnt lift my wet wool skirts to get undressed. (good thing I'm bendy). thank goodness for a posse who took it in stride and made it all possible

so sorry some folks missed it, but all in all, it went really well I think :)
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another new icon, to be used as needed....

(this is my friends S and Ks longsuffering cat...)
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testing new user pic :) cuz we all need a dose of the uber cute sometimes....
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it occurs to me that if I hotel Sept Crown, the fact taht I can lift anything heavier than a half full carton of milk wont be as much an issue.

I dont lilke hotelling it, I feel like a tourist. but it certainly would limit one layer of complexity.

pondering, pondering....I do so hate having to ask people for basic stuff that I should be able to do.
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they've announced a couple activities at work.

1. an art show. they're asking for us to enter STUFF. not sure what I do that could be construed as "art". ideas?

2. "baking as art" thingie. while more my speed, not sure again, what I could make that would be pretty enough to be seen as art, especially after being nibbled on all day. (theres little in this world sadder than a cut into pie or cake, unless its one that is 'too pretty to eat" so no one touches it :))  the art to me is in the appearance as well as taste, texture and any research behind it. somthing tells me the audience wouldnt be as impressed with the fact that the cookies are from a translated 17th century french manuscript....

once again it is driven home that I am not your typical human. I'm ok with that, mind you!
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if we get a national health care option, and everyone who doesnt have private insurance gets on it, and then there's a major H1N1 pandemic like they're predicting this fall....

that's gonna suck. cause it will still be a new system, without the financial resources built up to handle a large scale payout so early in the game.

oooo boy.

*toddles off to make sure assets are liquid, bills are paid and job is secure....*
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on the bag tax....

seattle area politics behind the cut )it did not pass.

now before you go all "how dare you destroy the environment, you consumer whore!" on me, let me 'splain

the law as I understood it, would have grocery stores charge you 20 cents bag tax PER BAG. it was the cashiers responsibility to ring up each bag as a purchase when you checked out. major revenue stream generated, no more plastic bags blowing about choking seagulls, etc.

thing is, I USE those plastic bags. I bag up cat poop. I bag up my soiled barn boots. I wrap my lunch in them. I reuse them until they fall apart, or until they are filled with something biohazardous that I then tie up nicely and toss in the garbage (ie minimal danger of blowing away). I use them for small amounts of trash when camping. If they had cut off my supply, I would then have to have bought plastic bags for that express purpose and instead of reduce-reuse-recycle it would have been MORE plastic in the public waste stream.

I use nice cloth bags (and mesh bags and recycled fiber bags and sometimes, no bag at all!...) alot too, dont get me wrong, but am not really thrilled with the idea of using those (at $10 a pop, and they dont tie up in tidy bundles when filled with icky things) for bagging up my catpoop as required by city rules to toss in the garbage. silly, I know.

another flaw in the law? it excempted drugstores and produce bags. personally I think produce bags are just friggin wasteful. to bag up two apples to put into another bag to take to the car? tahts just silly. I only tend to use them for greenbeans, bulk foods or other small things so that the poor checker doesnt have to fish them all out to make a pile to weigh. if they had a system where I could tare out cloth bags or washable reusable bags for that? I'd totally do taht (tho I dont wash regular produce bags and reuse them...thats just not sanitary enough for me)

and 20 cents a bag? egads! the people who would end up paying for that? not the people who can afford it, thats for sure.

I am all for the idea of limiting packaging. dont get me wrong. and I'm all for using re-usable bags or totes when shopping. but the proposed law as I saw it was silly, unworkable and wouldnt have solved the bag problem.

so I'm glad it failed. I got a great pattern for a knit mesh shopping bag, BTW, if anyone wants it :)

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trying again....maybe the fourth time is the charm?

need to move a medium sized stack of Ithra boxes (they would fit in the back of my highlander, no problemo) from portland to shoreline ASAP.

there's gas money in it for you. contact me if you're interested (here's a way to cover your gas to sport of kings, or sept crown, for example!!)

the lady who has been storing them has been very very patient and we need to give her her garden shed back...
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Raj and I took a fall on Saturday.

first off, we'll both be ok. both of us are bunged up pretty good, and moving rather carefully right now, but we shold both heal quickly and completely.

it was a freak accident, one of those things that no matter of planning or training could prevent. we were cantering up a trail as we so often do and his feet just went out from underneath him. we both went down hard. He threw me forward so we both slid down the trail a bit but he didnt land on me.

here's the scary part. the saddle where my leg was? big scrape. this is exactly the type of thing that happened to LIsa where she broke her femur. I? flew far enough ahead that I was thrown clear.

I took most of the impact on my right side. went to the ER where xrays showed notthing broken for sure (elbow jury still out...he said breaks there are hard to xray and you can tell its broken if it doesnt get better in 5-10 days. great.). ribs likely not broken, or if they are, not to the point of poking anything. left wrist not broken (big suprise on that one, there was an amazing gooseegg on it, everyone in the ER was amazed it wasnt busted)

Raji took most of hte impact on his face :(. bruised hip and shoulder where he went down. Just call us the gimpy twins....

now before folks go all OMG! on me, I want to point out some important facts.

I did NOT break a finger. that means that I just let myself go down. I came out of the saddle, which means I didnt have a death grip with my legs. I was relaxed and happy and balanced so that when he tossed me , I just flew, thereby saving me from WAY worse injuries.

being relaxed and fluid in the saddle has been one of my working points, and while i'm sore as hell, I am also not a little smug ;)

I will also point out that in spite of being thrown rather far, and fast and hard, my back and neck? fine. my ribs? really really cranky. but again, my spine didnt go crunch. yay!!!

this, my friends, is progress.....
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Ginny was there when I needed her, an island of gracious calm and warmth and love in a sea of dark. I always knew that she would do anything for me, and loved me for me.

thats a rarer thing than you'd think, and far rarer than you'd wish.

I'm going to miss her, and here's to a place where the breakfast casserole is always in the oven, and she can sit with her feet up, her favorite dog(s) in her lap.
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on the weather front, all I will say is:

on the upside, pennsic is in the high 70s, and expected to get even cooler as the week progresses.
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best Kittens for Adoption ad EVAR


its the little things in life that amuse me. good thing, no?
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it was just pointed out by a coworker that a birthday quarter being three months, does not run June 25-Aug 25, but instead should run three whole months, June 25-Sept 25.

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a recap of the weekends birthday festivities.....

Phase I )
phase II )Phase II was about a day spent with friends. my buddy DrE came up from Olywa and we went to the Noble Horse Gallery in Pioneer Square where I met my dream saddle (only $2800!! its the same ones the mounted seattle police use. *sigh*), and then to [profile] sir_rapheal s homecoming bbq. followed by a lovely dinner with a small handful of folks at www.baroloseattle.com/

I had my favorite octopus salad, a taste of the fois gras (wht a cherry sauce!!), and some calamari sauteed with capers, etc. entree was the rack of new zealand lamb with more cherries, and dessert was pannacotte with peach puree. lovely :). I love that place.

that night was also the torchlight parade for seafaire, but we seemed to avoid most of the craziness, which was good.

phase III )Phase III was all about horsie fun!!! the amazing DrE conspired with C, the owner of the barn where my horse lives to make a PONY PARTY!!! they hid gift bags in the woods and gave us clues and we went and found them. there were some clues just for me, that Dr E stashed on my favorite trails. me and Raji ran about the woods like crazy things. if a horse could giggle, you know he was :)

even though it was screaming hot, and I got a nice toasty sunburn, it was LOVELY. even got to ride China a bit, which affirmed how awesome Raj is :). China is a peach but egads, she's a lot of work....

I'm tired and muscle sore and sunburned and have yummy indian food stashed for lunches for the week. in short, blissfully happy :)

next stop, PENNSIC!
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anyone know what the hotel of choice will be for kingdom a/s this year?
inquiring minds wanna know (and dont wanna be in the boonies :))
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coronation report )what a lovely weekend!!

the trip down went ok, traffic was sticky but I had a new book on tape so it was all good :). stopped for a raspberry smoothie at burgerville, and got to site about 5 hrs after I left home.

setup was smooth and easy... one of our new posse members found us a primo spot and we shoehorned ourselves in nicely. there was a bit of shade, and lots of breeze and flush biffies and water right over THERE. perfect!

finally went to bed around midnight, mostly because I kept chatting at folks :). our prime real estate meant everyone who wanted to use real bathrooms walked by. yay! so even though we were as far as you could get from the eric, etc, we never really felt isolated. awesome :)

8am peerage meetings are early. just sayin'. but they were ok. what could have been BigDrama turned into fairly minor drama because frankly? our council is full of grownups. say what you will, we got some awesome leaderhip among our ranks. even when we dont agree, its civil. God permit that it stays that way.

after peerage meetings, I went back to camp where happy campmates had set aside a plate of bacon and oatmeal for me :). if you take cold oatmeal (ew!) and mix turbinado, toasted almonds, dried cherries and half and half? tada! pudding! yum!!! and bacon? who can say anything bad about bacon?

did a bit of shopping with folks (bought an awesome straw hat, and now have the perennial problem of how to get it to stay on my head) and then back to camp. I must admit I missed almost all of both courts and coronations becuase of severe nap attacks. I was nudged awake once to get dressed :) and made it to court in enough time to accept a nice award from TRM (the Order of the Lance de la Lion, which is for service and excellence in equestrian arts. they even painted the horse on it to be chestnut like my Raji), then back to camp to start dinner.

yes, it was hot, but my new flemish outfit kept me comfortable more or less the whole day. bodes well for Pennsic!!

we cooked up a storm on the cute brazier that [personal profile] gwen_the_potter  loaned us. we made ramekins of cheese which was inhaled by hungy campers, followed by an asiago stuffed pork roast (Epilario, IIRC? its Eduardos recipe), snap peas with bacon (le Menagier), pasta with cheese (English 14thc) and yummy little fruit pies (mmm. strawberry rhubarb!!!!) we even managed to do most of the dishes before it got dark :)

Sat night was mostly me, sitting by the fire, (must remember not to let tall dapper hubby put a log on right before he wants to leave...) so I missed all kinds of things I was kinda hoping to see, but oh well. I still managed to catch up with old friends who were tehre for Sarahs elevation, and general socialization :)

Sunday morning  I got to sleep in!!! then started the painful pack out process. Managed to make piles of stuff to go to Pennsic, and stuff to go in my car, and stuff to go in gothy apprentice boys car. was ready to go by noon, and my pennsic stuff was finally carted away at 4pm. got to hang in the shade with A, and that was nice :) but it was too late to go to the barn and get any riding in :(

traffic was a bugaboo, as youv'e no doubt heard, so by Olyway I was DONE. took a break and went to dinner with C at the Casino (all you can eat seafood!!) then on the road by 10pm, by which time there was no traffic to speak of. hah!

it was a lovely weekend. I got to hang with peeps, have a pretty period camp, and cook and nap and actually have real conversations with people. it is becoming painfully obvious to me that horses in the SCA are prohibitive to my favorite actitivies.

need to do some pondering on that.
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procrastination, thy name is AM

a big bowl of cafe au lait
the happy sound of my lawn dude mowing (aka "my excuse for not loading the car since normally I'd be using the lawn to stage stuff but that would be just RUDE to spread my crap around while he's working, right?")
the plaintive sound of Archie locked in the back room (hes off his mellowing drugs for now and so cannot be trusted in the house while I'm distracted. hes destructive and beats up poor Circe with no provocation. sigh.) punctuated by the sound of him systematically tearing up the carpet under the door (did I mention destructive? again, sigh.)
large piles all over the living room floor
large piles of LISTS
the burble burble of a running dishwasher (aka "my excuse for not taking my shower yet")
a purring Circe snuggled next to me (not ON Me, as she'd like, poor girl) punctuated with periodic chirps of happiness. poor girl. she really really wants to be an only cat....

need to run to the grocery store
need to load the car
need to tidy up a bit and get the kitties set for the weekend
need to make sure I have riding togs and my freshly laundered saddle pad and girth in the car, just in case I make it home early enough to get some pony time in
need to synch the ipod to include all the Miles books I used my audible.com credits for last night :). cant think of better listening for a road trip!

very muich looking forward to a quiet weekend of socializing and playing with food and reconnecting with people. Have been feeling a bit isolated lated (my own fault, I've been putting so much time and energy into the horse and work...) and am looking to do something about that :)

we'll have a fire (thanks [personal profile] gwen_the_potter !!) so bring a chair and come on by Sat night :). my fourth apprentice Aleyn Smithe (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Smithee )   occasionally brings tasty non period things to toast in the fire, so please dont be shocked. I keep trying to tell him that its not period, but he never listens.

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thanks to the generosity of [personal profile] gwen_the_potter  for her braizer and given the fact that I aint got nothing to do at this event (no horses? no archery? 'kay!) we will be cooking dinner over the fire on Saturday.

if you want to come and hang over our shoulders, feel free! we should be starting around 4 or so, give or take. the menu will be Eduardos asiago stuffed pork loin (italian...epilario? cute little red haired apprentices fave), macrows (pasta with cheese, english, forme of curye), new peas in the pod (sauteed snap peas with bacon. french, le menagier. tall gothy apprentice boys fave) and maybe ramequins of cheese (cheesey goo on bread, french, la varenne)

Cedric and Elizabeths coronation court is slated for about when we were going to eat dinner, I have my fingers crossed that that will change on site :). But we will be sitting and dining en tableau (a la Ivar and [profile] j_i_m_r ) at the request of cute little red haired apprentice.

come on by!
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who has shipped stuff to Pennsic? can a non merchant do it? (last time I went, only merchants could but that was years ago and the website has contradictory info)

do they care if its UPS or FedEx?

whats the address?

inquring, space limited, sewing not done yet brains wanna know :)

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