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here's an idea....

pony flash mob.

the mind boggles, doesnt it? :)

pick a medieval dance tune.
develop a choreography that isnt too advanced or too long. include some "low impact" moves for ponies who cant do strong laterals at faster gaits, etc.
people practice at home
show up at an event with your horse and lets all get our groove thing on!

[livejournal.com profile] smithwick  is one smart cookie :)

I wonder if we could get it together for the Emprise? (assuming of course that the folks organizing it think it fits in their vision of all martial all spectacle all the time)

in other news, Lionhearts rocked, as always. in a world of martial events, jousting and speed (somehow crammed into a framework of hurry up and wait), Lionhearts tends to be an event that is perfectly in tune to what I want and enjoy. yay! got to perform a wee carousel (dont blink! you'll miss it!), run some games, do some archery (even hit the target once! go me!), do some drills at speed (I love that my boy could match his canter to other horses at the walk ;)) and generally hang around with my horse (who is really very good company :))  in a beautiful setting on a sunny (but not too hot) weekend. we didnt win any of the individual competitions, but we won overall! lets hear it for just going for it! :D Got a spiffy medieval saddle blanket out of the Manesse Codex and everything :)

its kinda too bad that what I enjoy is seen as "boring" to others but oh well. frankly, I can do what I enjoy at home, so if events dont have it, I can still manage :).  knock yourselves out, martial folks! I'll be over here playing with my pony at things we both enjoy :)

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