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sorry for the radio silence. things have been....interesting.


I've been healing nicely from the fall, thank you. some residual twinges etc but nothing more than you'd expect from a woman my age and no more than I deserve :). the broken ribs are resolved, thank goodness. that one sucked. the busted elbow is mostly fine but I still forget and grab or hold things badly. Shouldnt be doing that anyway, so there you go :)

everything is going great guns. seriously. we're freaky busy. I'm cranking out data so fast my boss told me yesterday that I need to start scheduling in planning and documentation time. its fun stuff...we have projects that are just starting (I love the discovery part of R and D :)) and others that are in the "how can we target patients, and what diseases can we aim our new spiffy drug at?". I love clinical work :). Have a freezer full of patient samples that I get to run through the paces and see whats what. sweet!

I'm busy enough that I'm able to blissfully ignore the not so fun part of working for a megacorp. they''re outsourcing more and more support services, rendering them less than useless. I understand the requirement for cost savings and limiting overhead, really I do. but explain how its a cost savings overall to have me spend my time nagivating the ordering system and such instead of doing lab work? bah.


Raji is still a bit dented. we've gone through a bunch of time, and horsie PT and even hyluronic inter articular injections (cool!) and he's moving ok and full of piss and vinegar. hopefully after a winter of rehab he'll be right as rain, fingers crossed! it looks like he's got some arthritis in his knee, for exmaple, so I'm learning how to do hot/cold therapy on horses. good times :)

the big news is that I'm going to move him to a new barn!!! super excited and super scared by this :). I've always just kept my leased horse at whatever barn they live at. the owner was responsible for al the care, I was just along for the ride (har har). With Raj, we were at a barn that was lovely and close to his owner but 2 hrs away.

the new barn? about 20 min away :)


its got everything I could want or need, including being on a major trail system. and its close enough that I'll be able to ride more than once a week. sweet!!! the only down side...its a lot more money (about double) what I've been paying. ouch. but Raji will be getting great care, its about $200 less a month than the average barn costs for the area and I'll get to ride lots more!!! squee!  He'll be sharing a pasture with some other older guys and they can stand around eating grass and making grumpy faces at each other. He's gonna love it :). I'm gonna love it!! its not a "show barn" by any means. I think I may be one of the youngest people there. theres no covered arena (tho its Horsie Central...there's instructors and covered arenas all around us and some instructors come to the barn already) and no wash rack. the barn is really old but in good repair. but the fencing? OMG the fencing is AWESOME

I've been looking at ALOT of barns and some of the fencing I've seen would curl your hair. This place? is lovely. and safe. and secure. yay :)

did I mention its about 20 min away? even with horrible traffic, it will be less time than getting to Olympia. squee! I'm going to miss alot of things about the barn I'm at now but 20 mins?!?!?!

see aforementioned barn hunt and work. 'nuff said. I have been slowly trying to de clutter and make headway on stuff. a closet here, a cupboard there. but overall the house is NOT in the state I'd like it. Need to figure that out. having pony 20 min away will help...now "riding days" dont allow for ANYTHING else. at the new barn, there's no reason I cant putter around the house in the AM an dhit the barn by noon. sweet :).

the cats are ok...Archie is over whatever the #$% was wrong with him. Need to gird the loins to take him in for a final bloodwork so we can start him back on kitty valium (pleeeeeease?). I wish I could drawy his blood at home, it would make everyone happier I think...Circe is in her happy zone. still in the kitty isolation suite during the day etc but she seems to lik eit just fine :). shes a cat. they sleep all day anyway!

SCA stuff....
sorry but my hearts just not in it right now. I mean I love seeing people but I'm having a hard time getting excited over local kerfluffles and "power grabs" by incompetant amatures.  Need to spend some brain juice on Ithra stuff, get to teach for Liz in a couple weeks (yay!)  need to do some pondering on what/if I'm gonna get together for an A?S entry next spring. 

having a bunch of folks over, taking the week off work to clean the house and help Raji get settled into his new digs (riding every day?!??!) and trying to pin down a menu. I dont think I own 12 plates that match so the table will be.....eclectic :). fortunately my friends and family wont dwell on that :). the food will be good and the company stellar. and thats what its about :)

to sum up:
trying to find balance. not succeeding very well right now, but am hopeful that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. the new barn will put a serious crimp in my finances, but frankly, I've been letting lack of time encourage unfortunate choices anyway. I know how to do this. I can totally do this. 


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