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 ok. Julia apparently doesnt DO peasant food, or if she does? its NOT the cider cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms that I remember from that farm kitchen in the Perche, where a charming french horseman with a grey handlebar mustache made us dinner with his own hands in our charming gite. we ate local stuff, drank local cider and ate till we were stuffed. we chattered and nattered in broken franglish about how people just dont know how to EAT anymore and all kinds of fun things

so I grabbed a package of chicken thighs and tried.

mushrooms, celery and leeks from my CSA braised in olive oil, white wine and cider until almost dry
chicken thighs browned in olive oil and nestled in the veggies
make a sauce of non fat quark, dijon mustard and more cider
add thyme, salt and pepper
let burble until sauce is thick

served on oven roasted potatoes (also from my CSA)

yum :). oh. and pretty much fat free. not the creamy stuff I remember (made with local creme fraische) but still a very satisfying mouth feel. complex but simple at the same time. will freeze great, methinks :)
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