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brain full of wrangling judges for baronial A/S, ideas for halloween costumes (doing reasearch on fun "death goddesses" through history, cuz that's the kind of geek I am. there will be documentation.) and trying to not let the housework of last week get too quickly undone.

healing for both me and the pony proceed apace. he's still not sound enough to ride, and if I'm brutally honest, neither am I, so there you go. didnt stop me from trying on a friends steady true horse. nothing got torn off, just not super comfy, but that will come with time. its not the riding that hurt, mind you, it was the getting on and off. fortunately you only have to do that once each way as a general rule, so its all ok.

 that said, I had a need to RIDE. I rode walk trot and canter just to prove to my gut that I could do it and not fall off. that checked off, we can get on with things now. :).
that adage about getting back on after a fall? its a good one. really.

on judge wrangling, things are complicated by the fact that so many of my usual suspects are going to Last Chance. major bummer on several fronts. I would have liked to have gone, is the selfish whine. the more altruistic one is that so many of the entries would really benefit from judging by folks who will be going to LC.  Sigh.

it should be a fun competition though...we've got this amazing array of stuf ranging from a horse bit to a pike drill to an astrolabe to gloves.... now to find judges for it all! anyone read italian at all?? :)
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