Nov. 17th, 2009

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four more days till my stay-cation. squee!!

yesterday, test drove the new eye doc. the old one just POOF disappeared, leaving no records, or infrastructure. kinda wierd. the new gal is fine, tho a bit happy with the dialation drops. I suppose being thorough is a good thing but dang! on the up side, she says I get another reprieve for bifocals. its hard since I do so much flipping between near and far work, and that "near" isnt neccessarily where the bifocals think it should be. anyway, new glasses should be ready will be lovely to be able to see again. I've needed a new prescription for a while. went ahead and splurged on the clip on sunglasses even. I did NOT get the lime green frames the cute boy thought I should get. I'm just not that brave :)

also, since its a new eye doc, she doesnt bill insurance. ouch. I'll get reimbursed (for most) but still, it was a big chunk of change. what do folks who dont have insurance do about glasses? I'm pretty sure any health care reform WONT do anything about vision coverage, which is a shame. its something that a majority of the population needs, and it affects productivity. granted, not all frames cost as much as the ones I got, but the exam was still $95, which is a chunk of change if you have to pay for it yourself. and a vision exam is one of those "healthy wellness" things you're supposed to do at least yearly so your eyeballs dont fall out or anything embarassing like that! (or in my case, there's signs of something that might turn into something bad, so they want to keep an eye on it with exams at least every year if not every 6 months)

I feel a diatribe on health care reform coming on but dont have time or focus to get it down just yet. stay tuned.


proceeding apace with planning for my cooking class on Sat. hooray! its pretty much full, which is AWESOME. its been a really long time since I've had enough students to even make the class go, much less fill up. maybe I'm not as old news as all that?

the class is "how to cook from medieval recipes". basically taking medieval recipes and making food from them. having a good time going through my favorites and picking out ones with a high chance of success as well as ones that arent too out there so folks with little cooking experience (much less medieval cooking experience) have a chance of amking something tasty. with 15 students and a commercial kitchen, we're gonna have fun :)

so, foodie friends, what are your favorite medieval recipes? what ones do you think the newbie medieval cook would enjoy playing with? so far I've got macrows and yrchons and such for easy and a digby cake if there's someone who wants a bit more of a challenge...

other ideas?

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