Nov. 16th, 2009

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wow. what a weekend. I managed to pack a million things in there, and a ton of living, and even some sleeping in. isnt that what a good weekend is supposed to do?

1. in spite of a late start, managed to get down to Olyway NOT super late Thurs night. hung out with in the irrepressable DrE in the hot tub, drinking sea breezes and chatting till WAY too late. her hot tub is on her deck, overlooking Elb Inlet. the wind was up and we could see storm fronts moving through FAST. very cool :) I'm gonna miss "having" to spend time with her so much, but she promises that we'll still have play dates when the horse doesnt live down there anymore

2. Fri vet appt was super uber early (8am!!) but the vet was super pleased with Rajis progress. hooray!!!!! his body condition is great (tho she says she'd still like to see him with more weight on him and to please keep up on the new diet). she noticed his dapples (yay rice bran!) and that he had a real bounce in his step (yay HA intrarticular injections!). she pronounced him sound and good to go. squee!

we then saddled up and spent the day puttering about...doing arena work (drills!) and then loops out on the trails. Oh, I'm gonna miss those trails. Raji is the same deep chestnut red as fallen maple leaves and so out there he disappears (pony camo!). we went and played in the creek where there's a salmon run in full force and even did some of the hill loops (yay! he did 'em great, even charging up a couple. tho the poor boy has NO WIND right now. I see much conditioning in our future). he did GREAT and in spite of about 3 hrs (maybe 5 or 6 miles on the trails? plus the arena time?) there wasnt any stumbling or leg swelling and he finished full of piss and vinegar. hooray!!!!! That accident in August took along time to get over and I'm so delighted that he's doing so great :). Now when we move him, I can focus on conditioning, building muscle and flexibility so that when next season starts he can hit the ground RUNNING. yay!

ran some errands with C, came back, kissed HisNibs on his marshmallow nose (and checked his leg and knee, pronouncing them sound. yay!) and headed up the coast.

3. Hwy 101 is lovely :). managed to go part of the way when it was still light....just at dusk I passed a large field where they were slash burning and that was cool. Giant bonfires of debris were bright orange yellow against the darkening forest. awesome. the sunset on the water was stunning and traffic was not worth mentioning. Managed to hit the condo at 5 or 6pm...sweet!! [ profile] secretsquire had gotten a condo on the beach in Port Townsend (well, Discovery Bay) for the week and invited some of us to come and hang out and knit for the weekend. it was a lovely crowd....[ profile] hinkie and [personal profile] countess_e and [ profile] elfreda and new friend Dawn (does she have a LJ handle?). we played knitting instruction videos and compared books. I worked on holiday projects, leanring to bead!.

Managed to sleep for 9 hrs!!!!!! and then we had a lovely breakfast courtesy of [ profile] elfreda and Dawn. (mmm...potato pancakes...) then headed into town to hit the farmers market, some yarn stores and the port townsend creamerie where we got a tour and tasting of yummy cheese from cute cheesy boys. Back to the condo for gnosh (mmmm. salumi mole salami....) more knitting and a fabulous dinner of roast chicken, greenbean bakey thing, roasted potatos, a green salad and dolche de leche on apples for dessert. oh yes, and some amazing local hard cider....

Sunday was about waffles of insane greatness, some smoked salmon eggy goodness, hitting the ciderie (I needed to procure some of that for myself and holiday gifts), mor eknitting, another yarn store and a nice long walk. saw multiple bald eagles and walked along the edge of the bay for a nice long time, periodically jumping up and down to tamp down the waffles...

threw together a dinner of salad with chicken, bacon, blue cheese, pecans and dried cranberries for dinner and then I ditched [ profile] secretsquire to head home. again, totally uneventful drive, too bad it was pitch dark.

4. today is an appt with a new eye doc (eep!) and a super busy week, as always :). Sat I teach a cooking class, so need to get that all pulled together (its my basic "heres' how to cook from medieavl recipes" class so its just a matter of cut and pasting a fun handout for them, and some groceyr shopping :)). Sunday, we move Raj to the new barn. squee!!!! and then I have the week off, so I plan on riding every day to help him get settled in. EVERY DAY. did I mention every day? no? well, every day then.

Need to run out there some evening this week to get things setup for him but otherwise we're good to go :).

the beauty of it is that even though I did a TON this weekend, I managed to get enough sleep. interestingly, that makes the upcoming turmoil that much easier to deal with :)

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