Aug. 19th, 2009

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trying again....maybe the fourth time is the charm?

need to move a medium sized stack of Ithra boxes (they would fit in the back of my highlander, no problemo) from portland to shoreline ASAP.

there's gas money in it for you. contact me if you're interested (here's a way to cover your gas to sport of kings, or sept crown, for example!!)

the lady who has been storing them has been very very patient and we need to give her her garden shed back...
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on the bag tax....

seattle area politics behind the cut )it did not pass.

now before you go all "how dare you destroy the environment, you consumer whore!" on me, let me 'splain

the law as I understood it, would have grocery stores charge you 20 cents bag tax PER BAG. it was the cashiers responsibility to ring up each bag as a purchase when you checked out. major revenue stream generated, no more plastic bags blowing about choking seagulls, etc.

thing is, I USE those plastic bags. I bag up cat poop. I bag up my soiled barn boots. I wrap my lunch in them. I reuse them until they fall apart, or until they are filled with something biohazardous that I then tie up nicely and toss in the garbage (ie minimal danger of blowing away). I use them for small amounts of trash when camping. If they had cut off my supply, I would then have to have bought plastic bags for that express purpose and instead of reduce-reuse-recycle it would have been MORE plastic in the public waste stream.

I use nice cloth bags (and mesh bags and recycled fiber bags and sometimes, no bag at all!...) alot too, dont get me wrong, but am not really thrilled with the idea of using those (at $10 a pop, and they dont tie up in tidy bundles when filled with icky things) for bagging up my catpoop as required by city rules to toss in the garbage. silly, I know.

another flaw in the law? it excempted drugstores and produce bags. personally I think produce bags are just friggin wasteful. to bag up two apples to put into another bag to take to the car? tahts just silly. I only tend to use them for greenbeans, bulk foods or other small things so that the poor checker doesnt have to fish them all out to make a pile to weigh. if they had a system where I could tare out cloth bags or washable reusable bags for that? I'd totally do taht (tho I dont wash regular produce bags and reuse them...thats just not sanitary enough for me)

and 20 cents a bag? egads! the people who would end up paying for that? not the people who can afford it, thats for sure.

I am all for the idea of limiting packaging. dont get me wrong. and I'm all for using re-usable bags or totes when shopping. but the proposed law as I saw it was silly, unworkable and wouldnt have solved the bag problem.

so I'm glad it failed. I got a great pattern for a knit mesh shopping bag, BTW, if anyone wants it :)

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