Aug. 17th, 2009

ornerie: (raj)
Raj and I took a fall on Saturday.

first off, we'll both be ok. both of us are bunged up pretty good, and moving rather carefully right now, but we shold both heal quickly and completely.

it was a freak accident, one of those things that no matter of planning or training could prevent. we were cantering up a trail as we so often do and his feet just went out from underneath him. we both went down hard. He threw me forward so we both slid down the trail a bit but he didnt land on me.

here's the scary part. the saddle where my leg was? big scrape. this is exactly the type of thing that happened to LIsa where she broke her femur. I? flew far enough ahead that I was thrown clear.

I took most of the impact on my right side. went to the ER where xrays showed notthing broken for sure (elbow jury still out...he said breaks there are hard to xray and you can tell its broken if it doesnt get better in 5-10 days. great.). ribs likely not broken, or if they are, not to the point of poking anything. left wrist not broken (big suprise on that one, there was an amazing gooseegg on it, everyone in the ER was amazed it wasnt busted)

Raji took most of hte impact on his face :(. bruised hip and shoulder where he went down. Just call us the gimpy twins....

now before folks go all OMG! on me, I want to point out some important facts.

I did NOT break a finger. that means that I just let myself go down. I came out of the saddle, which means I didnt have a death grip with my legs. I was relaxed and happy and balanced so that when he tossed me , I just flew, thereby saving me from WAY worse injuries.

being relaxed and fluid in the saddle has been one of my working points, and while i'm sore as hell, I am also not a little smug ;)

I will also point out that in spite of being thrown rather far, and fast and hard, my back and neck? fine. my ribs? really really cranky. but again, my spine didnt go crunch. yay!!!

this, my friends, is progress.....

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