Jul. 27th, 2009

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a recap of the weekends birthday festivities.....

Phase I )
phase II )Phase II was about a day spent with friends. my buddy DrE came up from Olywa and we went to the Noble Horse Gallery in Pioneer Square where I met my dream saddle (only $2800!! its the same ones the mounted seattle police use. *sigh*), and then to [profile] sir_rapheal s homecoming bbq. followed by a lovely dinner with a small handful of folks at www.baroloseattle.com/

I had my favorite octopus salad, a taste of the fois gras (wht a cherry sauce!!), and some calamari sauteed with capers, etc. entree was the rack of new zealand lamb with more cherries, and dessert was pannacotte with peach puree. lovely :). I love that place.

that night was also the torchlight parade for seafaire, but we seemed to avoid most of the craziness, which was good.

phase III )Phase III was all about horsie fun!!! the amazing DrE conspired with C, the owner of the barn where my horse lives to make a PONY PARTY!!! they hid gift bags in the woods and gave us clues and we went and found them. there were some clues just for me, that Dr E stashed on my favorite trails. me and Raji ran about the woods like crazy things. if a horse could giggle, you know he was :)

even though it was screaming hot, and I got a nice toasty sunburn, it was LOVELY. even got to ride China a bit, which affirmed how awesome Raj is :). China is a peach but egads, she's a lot of work....

I'm tired and muscle sore and sunburned and have yummy indian food stashed for lunches for the week. in short, blissfully happy :)

next stop, PENNSIC!
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it was just pointed out by a coworker that a birthday quarter being three months, does not run June 25-Aug 25, but instead should run three whole months, June 25-Sept 25.


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