Jul. 17th, 2009

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thanks to the generosity of [personal profile] gwen_the_potter  for her braizer and given the fact that I aint got nothing to do at this event (no horses? no archery? 'kay!) we will be cooking dinner over the fire on Saturday.

if you want to come and hang over our shoulders, feel free! we should be starting around 4 or so, give or take. the menu will be Eduardos asiago stuffed pork loin (italian...epilario? cute little red haired apprentices fave), macrows (pasta with cheese, english, forme of curye), new peas in the pod (sauteed snap peas with bacon. french, le menagier. tall gothy apprentice boys fave) and maybe ramequins of cheese (cheesey goo on bread, french, la varenne)

Cedric and Elizabeths coronation court is slated for about when we were going to eat dinner, I have my fingers crossed that that will change on site :). But we will be sitting and dining en tableau (a la Ivar and [profile] j_i_m_r ) at the request of cute little red haired apprentice.

come on by!
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procrastination, thy name is AM

a big bowl of cafe au lait
the happy sound of my lawn dude mowing (aka "my excuse for not loading the car since normally I'd be using the lawn to stage stuff but that would be just RUDE to spread my crap around while he's working, right?")
the plaintive sound of Archie locked in the back room (hes off his mellowing drugs for now and so cannot be trusted in the house while I'm distracted. hes destructive and beats up poor Circe with no provocation. sigh.) punctuated by the sound of him systematically tearing up the carpet under the door (did I mention destructive? again, sigh.)
large piles all over the living room floor
large piles of LISTS
the burble burble of a running dishwasher (aka "my excuse for not taking my shower yet")
a purring Circe snuggled next to me (not ON Me, as she'd like, poor girl) punctuated with periodic chirps of happiness. poor girl. she really really wants to be an only cat....

need to run to the grocery store
need to load the car
need to tidy up a bit and get the kitties set for the weekend
need to make sure I have riding togs and my freshly laundered saddle pad and girth in the car, just in case I make it home early enough to get some pony time in
need to synch the ipod to include all the Miles books I used my audible.com credits for last night :). cant think of better listening for a road trip!

very muich looking forward to a quiet weekend of socializing and playing with food and reconnecting with people. Have been feeling a bit isolated lated (my own fault, I've been putting so much time and energy into the horse and work...) and am looking to do something about that :)

we'll have a fire (thanks [personal profile] gwen_the_potter !!) so bring a chair and come on by Sat night :). my fourth apprentice Aleyn Smithe (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_Smithee )   occasionally brings tasty non period things to toast in the fire, so please dont be shocked. I keep trying to tell him that its not period, but he never listens.

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