Jul. 16th, 2009

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trying to pack for two events at the same time has been giving me conniptions. Some stuff goes to both events, some not. some of the stuff to event A will need to come home and get laundered before going to event B. some not. some of the stuff for event B isnt done yet and wont be before it needs to go to event A to get handed off for transport. eep!

I've been making lists andl ists and lists, lists with arrows, lists of piles (tent stuff, clothes stuff, other stuff). lists within lists.

suddenly, the lists sorted themselves out. I saw in my minds eye the two giant piles (this goes this weekend, the rest will either be shoved into the car if theres space or taken on the plane (or maybe shipped? hmmm....). most of the camp stuff? dont need to worry about it. there's a short list of camp stuff that is going on to event B. and no camp stuff (except stove fuel and candles) that needs to go to B but not A.

its still alot to do, but suddenly its not nearly as insurmountable. yay!

Listmaking saves the day. again!

still need to get stuff together for the Pennsic KnitAlong but I got 10 days to do that :)
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if EVERYONE is getting it wrong, if EVERYONE is pissing you off, if EVERYONE is being stupid?

maybe it's not them

just sayin'.
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who has shipped stuff to Pennsic? can a non merchant do it? (last time I went, only merchants could but that was years ago and the website has contradictory info)

do they care if its UPS or FedEx?

whats the address?

inquring, space limited, sewing not done yet brains wanna know :)

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