Jul. 14th, 2009

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whats awesome:
having completed 10 miles at pace, not sore at all. HAH!

whats not awesome:
archie doing spontaneous ninja attacks on circe in the middle of the night. while she's asleep next to my head.

whats awesome:
archie being healty enough to want to do ninja attacks

whats not awesome:
circe spending the rest of the night under the bed, growling and hissing. poor little girl.

what's awesome:
cranked out five pairs of stockings last night!

whats not awesome:
I now have five pairs of stockings that need the tops handsewn. maybe I'll cheat and machine them. adding to the not awesome.

whats awesome:
I've finsihed the handwork on one of the flemish overgowns and pinned the hem on the blue linen kirtle

whats not awesome:
the blue linen kirtle hem? kinda wiggy. I'll need to try it on and have someone check it for me.

what's awesome:
fresh raspberries from my own garden

whats not awesome:
only getting to pick for a few minutes before yappy dogs next door started in. oh well. I'll do more this morning after neighbor lady leaves for work and her dogs are contained.

whats awesome:
no burn ban for July coronation!! I wonder if I can figure out how to cook over a fire for dinner? (need to find a suitable firebox/brazier I can finagle space on....)

whats not awesome...
not getting to ride this week :(

whats awesome...
July coronation is only a couple hours away. hmm. if I leave early on Sunday, maybe I can swing by the barn on my way home???

this is my life. awesome/not so awesome. not a whole lot in between, it seems :)

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