Jun. 24th, 2009

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this weekend is Lionhearts. medieval camping with my pony. woot! we'll see how mr man does with all the big fluttery, loud crashy and general mahem. I am betting he will be intrigued and pretty sure its not safe, but take it in his stride as long as we take it slow :)

he likes ginger snaps, carrots and apples by the way (he wanted me to be sure to tell y'all that)

next weekend? AnTir-West. woohoo! four days of cookery geekery fun! I even got some awesome campmates out of the deal by "suggesting" taht we all pitch in the same area. wasnt that clever of me?

I get to feed a vegetarian, which will be a fun stretch for my medieval food brain. I try really hard to eat medievall at events. that means sticking to documentably period recipes. Vegetarian stuf?? is a bit more challenging, but not impossible. the trick will be to make sure it doesnt turn into a smorgesbord of side dishes.

I'm toying with the idea of doing jowetes with fish (almond milk, greens and some sort of white fish), herbolade (eggs with herbs and cheese), macrows/lozenges/etc (pasta with cheese, baked or not) and maybe even some fun fried stuff (the german cheese balls, rissoles, etc). this would be in addition to whatever happens in the oven...(I have this idea of making a batch of my slow rise bread dough at home so we can hit the ground running. spinach pies, anyone?)

what are you other folks favorite medieval vegetarian dishes?

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