Jun. 22nd, 2009

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wow, its been a while since a real post. seems facebook little drive bys has made me feel like I"m connecting, but I'm not, really.

stuff thats in my brain now:

finding a happy balance with work: pony: health: home: relationships. this is an ongoing challenge. I am discovering I am very monogomous is that I find it hard to be doing anything other than what I'm doing NOW . Folks laugh at me for being hyper organized, but seriously, its the only way I can keep things straight. as it is, things sometimes fall off the radar, and that's a shame.

still, I'd rather jump in and do something 100% and be able to be totally in the moment then skim along on the surface like some giant waterbug. I tried the skimming along thing and found it most unsatisfying.

learning about Raj...this is the closest I've been to horse ownership since I was a kid. its a very very different ballgame than my past SOP of part time leasing or renting weekend by weekend. and its awesome :). I feel like I've got a relationship with TheBestPonyEVAR, and we're still working some stuff out but every time is a new adventure. I love his work ethic, and his sense of humor (I swear the horse plays practical jokes on me. s'ok. I get him back by spraypainting his butt with gold glitter and putting sparkly hair ornaments in his mane and tail. hah!). I wish he'd tell me if he was in pain (how else am I supposed to know something is wrong before its too late???) and I wish he wouldnt get so excited on field trips that he'd stop eating or drinking. Goofy boy.

having a horse that you TRUST lets you work on equitation and your seat without worrying that he's going to spontaneously take you off a cliff or try and run home on you. and thats' huge.

I guess the same could be said about relationships with people...the ones you stick with long term tend to be the ones that you dont have to WORK on constantly. sure sometimes theres issues, but mostly you can concentrate on learning about/from each other without having to dodge land mines.

every horse teaches me something. and the same can be said for people.

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