May. 26th, 2009

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things I learned this weekend:

1. I'm more of a trekkie than I thought, though only conversant in the original series.
2. there's 400 calories in the tortilla shell of the taco salad at Qdoba. that effectively doubles the hit. good to know.
3. contra dance is fun :) and I want to do more of it. geeky? sure. so sue me.
4. inuit throat music has nothing to do with tuvan throat singing, except in body mechanics.
5. I got about 40 min gardening time before my back goes into spasms. rats.
6. bamboo is an effective paint stripper. apparently the bamboo in my side yard had been slowly whipping the paint off the side of my house over the winter. double rats. hoepfully I can find a painter who can do touchups for not too much $$
7. beet pulp is the wonder food for ponies. yay!
8. I cant drink caffeinated colas any more without getting a raging headache.; I drink tons of coffee to no ill effect. not sure whats up with that.
9. I have fully experience "evading the bit" in such a way that I totally grok it now. have no idea what to do about it, but now that I know its true name, I can steal its power. (not Raj, never Raj. ChinaGirl the enthuasiastic grey arab mare with the biggest heart I've ever encountered, however....)
10. I need to walk more. I spend too much time on my butt, either at a desk, at the hood or on a horse. sure, I'm strong like bear, but walking is a whole different type of muscle movement...Folklife wanderings showed me taht in no uncertain terms!

on the docket:
costuming. must get pennsic costuming rolling. stockings, chemises, making sure I have enough head thingies.
make and freeze period dinner things for upcoming events
continue to whittle away at the yard in 40 min increments. boy, that's gonna take a long time...
start walking during my lunch in prep for pennsic perambulations
prep for the fire cooking class I'm doing in June
somehow find time to get new glasses, etc
learn about training horses who evade the bit


sounds all rather pedestrian when you break it down like that :)

fun stuff :)

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