May. 25th, 2009

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FolkLife was fabu, as one would expect. did my usual "lets go hear things we've never heard before!" augmented by choice suggestions by the knowlegable and hip [ profile] celyn100  got to see cute russian boys do a capella folks songs, a Circus Contraption spin off (bought that CD, let me tell you!) about 5 min of philipino lip synching (crappy sound might have been better if the mikes werent about three feet over the performers heads), chinese puppet theater (awesome!) inuit throat singing (interesting. more percussive then melodic. a song was a call and repeat of an imitated sound rather than a tonal poem like in our music), mongolian horse head fiddle (where they only played one or two traditional songs, and then started on modern string music. we left at that point) and a workshop on how to accompany singers, etc on the fiddle. awesome!

also managed to graze my way successfully through the festival. its awesome going with the BestAuntieEVAR since we can split things and so get maximum gnosh effect!

did a bit of shopping and a fair bit of people watching/ogling. ran into [ profile] celyn100 as I said along with her dapper hubby and charming spawn, as well as [ profile] smithwick , hubby unit, spawn unit (along with kidnapped K and daughter) and even a surprise visit from [ profile] hdlao . awesome :)

finished off by going to the contra dance. BEV (BestAuntieEVAR) is big into that, having even brought her special dance skirt. I managed to dance one dance with a patient and kind young man who obviously wanted to be elsewhere ;) but otherwise spent a happy time watching the dancers, and chatting up people as is my wont. [ profile] jennybeast ? never saw you there, but looked for you! I'm thinking I TOTALLY want to go back and do this again, maybe when there's a beginners workshop first so I can get my feet wet and when its a bit smaller ;)

today its all about horsie time. BEV and associated offspring are making noises about coming out to the barn as well to kiss ponies and do some hiking. it will be fun to show the Wunderpony off :) and rumor has it he's moving easily with no stiffness so I might actually get to ride today! hope springs eternal, I'm bringing my helmet just in case :)

and its a lovely lovely spring day. I hear rumors the goldfinches are out, and I'm keeping my eye peeled for the pileated woodpecker :)

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