May. 21st, 2009

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for those following the saga of Raj and his well being...
this in from C, who owns the barn he's at:

"How could I forget Laio's report this afternoon??
"Hey, Cahthee? Rat? He is muy bueno, yes? Eees good"

hooray :)

in other news, I got to fire my slacker tree killing lawn service and hire a new one (for gawds sake, there were baby cherry suckers growing in the lawn. I know its growing fast now, but sheesh!). New guy already called me twice telling me what he's doing, and is going to meet me tomorrow morning so I can meet Scott, who will be MY garden lackey. He's a bit happy with the chemicals but when the dandelions are 2 ft tall and you're getting snarky anonymous letters in your mailbox about how you should think about moving to a condo.... (some people have NO idea how bad a yard can get. Mine? not that bad. COme on. )

Auntie Helen my favorite auntie is in town to celebrate what would have been Grammies (aka "Gummy") 100th birthday, FolkLife (if Iw asnt so slooshy headed I'd ask Auntie Helen to take me Contra dancing :)), nice weather for riding, and a horse on the mend. woohoo! 

if I'm not careful it could be a nice weekend :)

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