May. 20th, 2009

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horsie health woes behind the cut for those who are tired of me blathering on and on and on and on... )so as I was heading home from crown, as soon as I hit US airspace, I recieved a string of messages from C where Raj the WunderPony resides. apparently Saturday morning he suddenly couldnt put any weight on one of his hind legs

C, being the awesomest barn owner in the world, said in the message that she had taken Raj and a buddy and turned them out into a large paddock and left them there, with the idea that gentle movement would be better than being in a stall all day and night.

by Sunday, he was putting weight on the leg again, eating just fine, rolling and getting up, normal horse stuff, though still a bit stiff.

Since I live aobut 2 hrs away, I've been doing telephone triage, and have since lined up horsie massage, horsie chiro and a vet appt over the next couple weeks, all scheduled later in the afternoon so I can go to work super early and take off to be there at the barn for the appointments.

apparently this is similar to something that happened a couple years ago...he suddenly comes up lame, and it slowly resolves itself with lots of massage/chiro and some injextions in his hocks (ouch!)

of course I am beset with guilt about what I could have possibly done to break the WunderPony. the rational brain says it wasnt anything I did, he's an older guy and he just slept wrong, twigging something and its going to take some weeks to move it out (hmmm. sounds like me!). massage and chiro and a vet to rule out stone bruises or anything really nasty and he should be right as rain soon enough.

but all the same, I worry about the OldMan. we tend to leave him be during the week and then work hard on the weekends. I know for people this weekend warrior syndrome leads to all kinds of problems and isnt optimum. perhaps finding some teenager who could ride him once a week for me is in the cards, I dunno.

still, its a financial hit I wasnt planning on, plus a time hit i wasnt planning on. I dont begrudge the OldMan anything of course, but still. oof. am going to try and work him twice this weekend...easy flat work to keep the joints lubricated....and see how he does.

Poor Raj! we're really lucky hes at the barn he is....C has been going to huge lengths for him and I hope she knows how much I appreciate it....

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