May. 4th, 2009

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an excellent weekend of geekery, clothing and food. hooray!

the indominable [personal profile] countess_e  and I headed south after work, to spend a day in the company of the amazingly talented [ profile] fearga . on the docket, further steps towards a 16th century kit for me! squee!! we walked away having patterned chemises, flemish overgowns, and a brugel coat as well as sleeves and partlets.

I even managed to work on same, and now have a set of woolie sleeves almost done, a woolie partlet done and a linen partlet almost done. woot!

egads, that woman can move fabric around....

we got to stay with [personal profile] elfie_chan and [ profile] alysaundre in their giant amazing house (I kept thinking THATS HORSE FENCING! WHAT AN AWESOME BARN! but that's the kind of dork *I* am), and hang with [ profile] damekaris  et al.

we had amazing food (egads, restaurants are very inexepnsive in Eugene!), got to watch kids go to the "fancy" restaurant for prom night with attendant sparkles, tule and girls wearing heels for the first time :).

by the way, Marche, the french place in Eugene? is epic. no really. its all local stuff, and the chef(s) GET IT. French food like we had in france. I had a creme d'asperge soup made withe creme fraische, a salad with lardons and a braised duck egg and a charcuterie plate. the pork terrine with hazelnuts? OMG. and the fromage de tete? ditto. I was a happy happy girl. they had these rhubarb vanilla sodas too that ROCKED. a rhubarb vanilla coulis, mixed with soda water (we asked). I fully expect to foist this off on people at some point. the possibilities here are endless. rhubarb Vanilla was lovely. what about ginger peach? something with rosemary? oo! quince!

I am now convinced I need to learn to make pate and such as well. yum!

a lovely weekend all round! Time with some of my favorite peoples, active brains and hands and palates. hooray!

now, we prep for the CMO ride this weekend, which will use totally different parts of my brain, tho the favorite peoples, etc will be there too :)
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is anyone coming portland ( [ profile] fjorlief ) to seattle ([ profile] jjjlllvvv ) and has room for a stack of boxes? Ithra will help pay for gas....



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at AnTir West war, we're going to have a foodie geek a thon!!!!

in cahoots with the indominable [info]countess_e (who is organizing the classes) we will have an area setup for playing with fire cookery. I'll be happy to schedule time slots if you have something specific you want to mess with, or just come and play! heck, come by and chances are something yummy will be shoved at you if you're not careful :)

I'm hoping to line up people from both kingdoms covering a wide assortment of methodologies, cuisines and research areas.

who's in?!! [info]ldyanna ...[info]j_i_m_r...[info]viking_food_guy ... I'm thinking of you!
Anna Serra...can we use your cool firebox, etc again?
we can line up a dayshade for some shelter from the sun...
what would it take to get that bread oven to show up again?
who's got pots they want to use? I know some folks are talking about making pottery for us?

fun with food!!

ETA: is there something in particular folks want me to recruit for, let me know! if you want to see baking happen, or cheesemaking (that almond milk cheese someone did sounds fabu...and totally do-able in camp) or charcuterie (pate!) or work with Casteau or one of the middle eastern sources or ???

we knows people, and if I know folks are interested in any one given topic, I can bribe cajole and otherwise encourage folks who do that stuff to come play :)



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