Apr. 30th, 2009

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on the Aporkalypse.....

1. does anyone really think you get influenza from eating pork??? really????? as my friend C said, "nows a good time to invest in pork futures..." egyypt killed a bunch of pigs and they're gonna want some back later...

2.  for a giggle, check out the LJ community "seattle". there's some funny people out there :)

3. is it jaded of me to read all this and think "oh good. a wee little pandemic, not too lethal...perfect for showing the voting public that public health funding is important, plus we'll use up all those pandemic emergency supplies before their expiration date and have to buy more, good for the economy!"

4. cases in seattle... the epidemilogist training in me really wants to build a vector diagram and trace the connections....

5. and then there's "NoHelmetLaws," who commented to KOMO (http://www.komonews.com/news/local/44033597.html):

My uncle told me that an african american man would be voted president when pigs fly.

100 days in and sure enough, swine flu.

seriously. I am SO not worried yet. we've had one death. how many flu related deaths happen per year normally? we've had a handful of cases in seattle. how many would nomrally happen this time of year?

wash your hands. cover your coughs and sneezes. dont use a hanky, use a kleenex and THROW IT AWAY, dont stuff it in hyour pocket or on your car seat. then wash your hands. if you're sick, stay home. if I had a nickle for every time I've run into people at SCA events who told me "i'm so sick but I HAD to come to court/ meeting/this contest"

people, NO ONE is indespensible. and you giving your cooties to someone who doesnt get sick time? that's just mean.

basic stuff...right?.

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