Apr. 28th, 2009

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egads. items on the calendar are closer than they appear!!!!!

it occurs to me that I have two big planning events coming up back to back. eep!

1. CMO ride.... got a modern tent (have no idea how to set it up, but compared to a medieval pavilion, how hard can it be? the instructions look pretty easy...), cot, sleeping bag and a pile of layerable clothing for me and the pony. need to figure out menus, etc but that's easy peasy.

2. may crown...got a passenger :), got a hotel room (need to call and confirm). it occurs to me that since I'm not staying on site, a big kitchen likely wont work. need to talk to folks and see how they feel about folks being on their own for meals and we do a potluck dinner sat night? certainly makes the planning easier...

3. Lionheaerts and AnTir West are right on top of each other too....need to get planning for those.

4. then July coronation and Pennsic.

my sequential brain needs to get a bit more into the multiple layer planning thing.

I know there's people out there who dont have things planned out months and months ahead. I wonder how they do it?

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