Apr. 24th, 2009

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for my zombie friends....

from the perennial favorite LOLcats site....

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every day its another edition of lunch box lottery. See, its just me. so when I cook, I make a pot of whatever and then I could eat it for dinners (assuming I'm home for dinner) for a week and then throw it out when it grows fuzz but instead I take it and freeze it in tupperware containers in lunch sized aliquots to take to work. works great! dont have to use in house cafeteria (bleh) and I have a nice reasonable sized portion of something homemade and healthy.

in my freezer theres tons of tuppies of mystery stuff. i dont label it and it really looks all the same once its frozen...so every day is lunch box lottery! will it be chicken/barley/veg? cheesy broccoli and chicken on whole wheat penne? meatloaf with steamed squash and mashed taters? a veggie tagine on cous cous? or yesterdays japanese veggie curry with brown rice?

today? major win!!!
shepherds pie with polenta. lamby veggie goodness in a bowl.

its kinda goofy how happy little things like this can make me....

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