Apr. 22nd, 2009

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work proceeds apace. cancer not cured yet, but every day we're a bit closer.

meanwhile, all the sunshine and warm temps means so much pollen in the air even non-allergic me is snuffling and sneezing and sinus stuffed headache girl. bleh! when my sinuses get all pissed off I smell things that arent there. this morning it was sour milk. a few minutes ago it was hyacinth or maybe gardenia? some rather pleasant sweet floral smell. lunch time, someone nuked a pizza and it smelled like pickles to me. crazy.

I blame the swishy head for the tumble I took this morning. I'm mostly ok...skinned my knee and scared myself silly more than anything else. But this kind of stupid misstep has happened about five times so far (always when I'm stepping out my front door and I misjudge the edge of the porch and step off badly).

Methinks next big house project might involve a bigger porch with a hand rail. Need to do some thinking on a style of porch that wont look lame with my cute little shoebox of a house.... one upside of the economic downturn is that contractors etc are begging for work, I guess!

visions of a deep front porch with a trellis roof and rocking chair on it....wisteria (clematis? kiwi? hops?) climbing up the side and across the top...hanging baskets of fuschias (on automated drip waterers ;)).... yeah. that could be ok...

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