Apr. 20th, 2009

ornerie: (noble raj)
you guys are probably sick of hearing about it, but every time I get to ride Raj, I am more struck with how lucky I am to have access to him. he is a peach and a gentleman and exactly what I need in a horse. Hopefully he's ok with me spontanously kissing his marshmallow of a nose and throwing my arms around his neck and telling him what a brave, clever boy he is. if he's embarrassed by the attention he seems to have the good grace not to say anything, at least....

we had a glorious day of running up and down the mountain, with plenty of time for hanging out in sunny meadows of tall spring grass, or shin deep in a crystal clear mountain stream splashing for the fun of it. In spite of a minor equipment failure, we rode pretty much from noon to 6pm (with a break for all of us for gnoshes and a stretch) and it was GOOD.

next week is Raj's first SCA practice. we'll see what he thinks :). also need ot figure out why he wont side pass to the left. is it a mechanical thing? physical thing? or just being a pill? cuz with horses? one never knows.

in other news, fingers crossed that my 12 hrs days dont end up back to back again. cuz that SUX. I need to make a run to the grange and get a fleecy girth protector. Poor Raj is missing several silver dollar sized hunks of hair today. oops!

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