Apr. 12th, 2009

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it never stops around here...

after the whirlwind of activity yesterday (there's something deeply satisfying about a clean and scrubbed bathtub), followed by a movie (Monsters vs Aliens, 3D!! which was cute and funny and full of obscure references taht you dont get if you're under 30. Hugh Laurie as the voice of Dr Cockroach, and Steven Colbert as the voice of the president? awesome :)) and dinner (a "southwestern" themed place, food was good, margharita was excellent)....

today is all about horsie time! I will be indoctrinated into the ways of the compass (seems odd I've never learned to use one), will have my good gardening shears for a bit of horseback trail maintenance and will give Cs "extra" orthoflex a test drive to see if I'll purchase it with my income tax return :). I expect rain, but I also have an awesome raincoat and being outside in the rain beats being inside any day.

never got around to making that strawberry rhubarb pie, but the berries should last till monday, so its all good :)

oo! and for those of us who were geeking out WAY too much trying to figure out how the 3D glasses worked (they're not the old style red/blue lenses, and we kept rotating to see if it wasw a polarization thing...) it seems we were right...polarization combined with digital images so that they lined up exactly right. not sure how that works with peoples different focal lengths, etc but there you go :)

dork? thy name is AM....

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