Apr. 9th, 2009

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I am stupidly excited about a horse camping trip in May. Riding around the woods searching for hidden paperplates using a compass and a map? I am so there!

apparently there's a potluck dinner Saturday night and I've been challenged to do something spiffy. methinks I could manage that. I can even whip out my modern cookbooks, though the medieval stuff is so dang good and I can do it in my sleep.... do you think cowboys would like saucissons en potage? or paste en pot (french lamb stew from le Menagier)? or that gorganzola stuffed pork roast braised in red wine from Epilario? oh, the possibilities.... last year I made chicken pot pie with biscuits on top and that was a fun departure from my stand bys! it occurs to me that I could do braised lamb shanks even, though I dont know if I want to be stuck in camp for that long . cowboys are traditionally not very adventurous eaters but I have a reputation to maintain....

a jillion bean soup is always good too...using some fun heirloom beans and kielbasa, seasoned with a bit of smokey paprika...

the options are a bit overwhelming.

am looking at modern tents, though the idea of pitching a cot inside the horse trailer has a fair amt of appeal as well. solid roof with room to stand, impervious to rain, and one less thing to setup and tear down.

meanwhile, they've announced layoffs of 100 people, half our clinical division in BOthell. *gulP*

and for the record? expense accounts from a meeting in canada are a pain the BUTT. meh.

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