Apr. 6th, 2009

ornerie: (raj)
sunday was spent in the company of friends human and equine, crusing merrily about the mountainside in the sunshiney spring. birds were atwitter, trilliums and skunk cabbage are blooming. we saw deer and white crowned sparrows (no pileated woodpeckers this time :))

got to ride my horse for hours and hours and hours and it was bliss. plans are afoot with his owner to try some mounted orienteering maybe. woot! need to look into a a new saddle maybe...borrowed Cs Orthoflex and really liked it. those htings are UBER expensive though... ouch! we'll see whatg my tax return is. maybe I can find a used one on ebay or something...

even after about 6 hrs of wandering up and down and around he was still ready for more. what a horse :)

today is my first day back at work in a week...it will be hard to sit still. I've been MOVING for the last week! maybe I can finagle time to take a walk at lunch or something....

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