Mar. 24th, 2009

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Horseworld Drama? we has it.

behind the cut for those who would prefer not to think about sad horse facts )ETA: folks a word of advice here. never tell someone how to raise their kid and never ever ever tell them how to take care of their horse. seriously. you can give helpful suggestions (and god knows we LOVE to compare tips and tricks) on what worked for you and what you read, and what your fancy dancy trainer said or your super fantabulous vet told you or what the old guy with no teeth told you at the feed stoer when you were buying supplements but suffice it to say that theres a million opinions out there that may or may not work for you. and every horse person (and several non horse people) has a bucket full of tips and tricks and such that they really really really want to share with you.

anyway, leave it be. my horse is thin and old, yours is fat and spoiled. I shoe mine, you think thats an abomination. I use a curb bit, you think thats cruel. I give treats and you think that leads to bad behavior.  Alfalfa....too high in protein for the kidneys? or the only thing high enough in protein to rebuild muscle after a hard winter of not being worked? chondroitin, miracle supplement or waste of money? did I mention that as loosely regulated as the human supplement industry is? stuff for animals is even looser. the old standard first aid goo that I just bought is a big time carcinogen for people and rats. woohoo! Do I train them to yield to pressure or to push into it? do I want them to come into the circle after stopping on the longe line or do I want them to stand in the line of the circle?

seriously. its worse than kids, because ANYONE can call themselves a trainer buit at least you need a pedophile background check to be a childcare worker, the supplement business is totally unregulated and we all love our ponies to death even though we dont really know how they work (mentally or physcially)

fun stuff :)

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