Mar. 22nd, 2009

ornerie: (raj)
1. I love my horse
2. if you drink enough iced tea at dinner to stay alert on the 2hr drive home, dont expect to fall asleep real quick when you do arrive home
3. breastcollars are the shiznit for keeping your saddle in place when you charge up a steep hill
4. eventually even the most gentle prince of a horse can tell you to f*ck off when you push him too hard. and he doesnt hold a grudge at all. see #1.
5. I know nothing when it comes to riding. I know a smidgeon about staying on, so there's hope for me yet. (ref point #4. for the right bribe I might even post the video of it.....)
6. my horse loves trails. like slowing down when he realises we're heading back to the barn and speeding up when he realises we're heading back out again. He loves being the leader and checking for coyotes. he loves running up a steep incline and is uber careful at picking his way down. he can go with the herd, or go alone. awesome :).
7. please tell me thats just rain and not sleet on my window right now....

ETA: egads! how the #$% did I get a sunburn yesterday??? must remember to buy NEW sunscreeen for the whistler trip if I can get burned through a fleece pullover over the top of a polypro turtleneck!!

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