Mar. 19th, 2009

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some heavy object blindsided my mailbox last night. I am choosing to believe some poor sap sideswiped it by accident. my mailbox is usable but pretty seriously maimed, and my cute little flower planted is no more.

part of me wants to do the "set it into concrete" option that we did when I was a kid in the country, when Sat night amusement consisted of hanging out your buddy's pickup with a baseball bat and wacking at things (mailboxes, cars, fence posts) as you go by. a properly reinforced mailbox can do some serious damage to the arm wielding the bat. Karmic payback is a bitch.

I should probably research how far back fromthe road I can put my mailbox. perhaps just moving it out of easy reach will suffice (tho it may make my mailman a bit cranky)


on the upside, I have lots of pretty sparkly data to crunch, and its ALmostFriday (tm). Ponytime in a couple days now! woot!
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hey! whatchadoing April 18-19th?
wanna take some cool classes?

the Ithra organized by our very own [ profile] fragmentsofnim  is live!
check it out at:

wide array of fantabulous classes, including my Food and Eating in the Middle Ages class (come and nibble while I natter on. play the new world old world food game. learn who ate what when and how to apply that to the sca!) as well as a new class for me, introduction to knitting for the sca (TAs still being desperately sought! I figure for every TA I can handle four more students :))

prereg is required, and classes can fill up quickly. right now theres space in everything but that could change!

come learn cool stuff!

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