Mar. 18th, 2009

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so I dont lose it....wanna try this! (and note...weight watchers core!) I bet itwould work with duck too....
thanks to [ profile] gattagrigia  for pointing me at the website....

Abra’s Lapin à la Moutarde

4 rabbit legs
3/4 cup mustard - I used half Maille mi-fort and half whole grain
2 large parsnips
1 large sweet onion
4 large carrots
1/2 cup dry white wine
1 cup veal stock - I used fond du veau powder
salt and pepper

Salt and pepper your rabbit and coat thoroughly with the mustard.  Add even more mustard if you like.  Let the rabbit marinate while you prepare the vegetables.

Peel and slice the vegetables.  Steam the parsnip and carrot slices lightly until they just begin to get tender (you can do this in the microwave and it won’t hurt a thing), drain them thoroughly.  Spread the onion slices on the bottom of a baking dish.  Spread the carrots and parsnips over the onions and salt and pepper the vegetables.  Set the rabbit pieces on top of the vegetables, making sure that each piece is completely covered with mustard.

Place the dish in a 220°C/425°F oven, uncovered, for 15 minutes.  Mix the wine and veal stock together and after the 15 minutes have passed, pour them over the vegetables, being careful not to disturb the mustard coating on the rabbit.  Continue baking, basting once or twice,  for another 35-40 minutes, until the rabbit is crisp and deeply golden on top and the vegetables are tender and swimming in a mustardy sauce.  I served this over steamed potatoes, but it would also be miam with polenta.

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so it occurs to me that my Venerable Gentleman Copper Penny Pony can do anything. he seems unflappable, with beautiful gaits and smooth transitions. he does indeed seem to be this elusive "pushbutton" that everyone says their horse is but so few are. he is brave and stalwart and has enough fire under the hood to keep things interesting without making it a tug of war.

all of a sudden, the idea of doing a carousel is within my grasp. If I can imagine it, I bet we can do it. same with any game I decide to play with...the rate limiting step is ME now, not the horse (can my wrist handle the pig lance? can my eyesight and hand eye coordiantion handle the rings? do I have any interest at all in that sport that turns perfectly reasonable people into raging buttheads known as jousting?) Horseback orienteering? its all possible.

suddenly I'm in the unique position of being able to pick a goal and advance towards it as opposed to having the main goal be finding a horse to ride.

I am very much enamored of the romance and elegance of a well done carousel. where a horse and rider (or team of riders) execute moves to music. Its dancing with your pony :). my ipod on random plays a wolgemut song and I see how it could be done by a horse and it would be GOOD. (some challenges come to mind, not the least of which is how you play music loudly enough to be heard by both you and the horse in an arena without a PA system....)

I am also enamoured of the idea of learning to run the heads or reeds by doing flying lead changes. where its not about speed, its about precision and elegance.

I am also very enamored of recapturing the memories of my youth spent up on the mountainside in the woods with my horse, a backpack of snacks and happy wandering.

fun stuff :)
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one of the scientists at work is undergoing surgery this week for a subdermal hematoma (blood clot after head injury) that he suffered while skiing at whistler last week.


now, I'm a pretty cautious skiier, and no more likely to bump my noggin skiing than I am walking normally. I dotn go fast, think moguls are the devils plaything and prefer long graceful curves to the tuck and zoom type of skiing. plus my particular body mechanics says that when I fall, I tend to land on my ass first, assuming i dont just end up in uncomfortable and embarrassing splits on the slopes.  I've cracked ribs and my tailbone and wrenched knees and wrists but have never bonked my head.

still, lets be careful out there!

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another random post....

I just noticed taht i'm not wearing my watch.
I hope its because I forgot to put it on, and not because it came off somewhere. cuz that would be TehSad. it was my bit of immunex swag from my favorite department I worked in :(

ok, now lunch then starting my 22hr timepoint. check! oh wait. no watch. crap.

ETA: I got home and it was on my dresser. Obviously I picked it up to put it on, got distracted and put it down again. My brain is not what it used to be. this is sad.

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