Mar. 15th, 2009

ornerie: (raj)

blatherings about ponies behind teh cut because most of you are probably sick of hearing how awesome Raj is )got going super uber early, just about the time the snow started in fact. by the time I left, I had a good inch of stuff at my place. Drove through the biggest flakes I've ever seen, met folks for breakfast and then down to the barn.

apparently, along 101 there was TONS of snow. there was so much only one lane of Hwy101 was plowed. still, we saddled up and proceeded to ride through rain and sleet and stinging hail and gale force winds.

Raj is a peach and prince among ponies. not only did he let me try to longe him in a driving hail storm (we eventually went into the indoor arena) but we rode and rode and rode and rode. we took a short break while we helped deal with a flooded barn (yay shopvacs!) and then back out where we discovered that Raj? likes serpentines. walk trot or canter. and can do a whiz bang job at side passing them at the walk and trot and I even tried to get him to do flying lead changes at the canter. I just know that if I knew more, I could have gotten it down.

we also worked on his nemesis, PUDDLES. apparently he hates puddles (Arabs are desert horses, dummy! standing water is just NOT RIGHT and besides, all I have to do is step a little to the side and we dont have to get our iddle widdle feet wet!) but by the end he was taking them just fine. not gladly, mind you, but just fine.

I here give you RajShanti, who if all goes well you'll see this summer :).

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