Mar. 13th, 2009

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edited my class outline for the knitting class. check it out if you want...and if you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

the big question is:
would you rather have a basic simple class where you actually finish the class project (a knitted square) or would you rather start and not finish something that is way cooler and more period, where you'll likely need to tackle the last step on your own?

in other news, I'm so glad its the weekend. I'll spend today crunching the piles of data I generated yesterday, Saturday I get to take an embroidery class (woot!) and Sunday I get to go play with my new pony!

Sunday will be interesting....little CHinaGirl will need work too. oh, the embarassment of riches... she really needs a forever home. She needs someoen who can focus on her and bring out the fabulous sweetheart that I know she is. She is soft and compliant and generous and curious. who wouldnt want that? and in a pretty grey arab package to boot!

and she's got the sweetest trot on the planet :), turns on a dime using just leg pressure and thinks the heads course is pretty cool.

the only thing is that shes a bit hot outside the arena and needs a firm hand willing to argue a bit. we've been working on that, and she's getting better but Im not there often enough to make the progress that a regular dedicated rider could. sad :(

still, I'll try to spend a bit of time with her somehow. I feel kinda guilty like I"m cheating on her....which is silly :)

anyway, the sooner I get out of my jammies the sooner I can get to work and get DONE. was there till 10pm last night without a break but it was totally worth it....

onward and upward!

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