Mar. 10th, 2009

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1, as hard as it is to get up in the dark, I really like that it is staying light later. I remember being a kid ont he farm and those extra minutes of daylight meant I didnt have to walk home from school along the rural highway we lived on in the dark. it also meant I could get the chickens into the coop before they went and roosted in teh barn.

now it means I can go and ride my horse for more time before we have to stop because its too dark. (come to think on it, that was a good thing when I was a kid too, tho the woods would get pretty darn dark around dusk regardles...)

combine that with the fact that the days are getting longer and I could actually get something done after I get home ffrom work. woot!

2. on entering Kingdom A/S....
one has to look at motivations and goals. why would anyone enter something in Kingdom A/S? tall gothy apprentice boy and I were talking this one out...

1. feedback. this is a great one for lots of folks. but not for me so much....see I am well networked. if I want feedback I have access to the best in the field, both modern and SCA, all over the world. entering that competition would not change that or even add to it. so cross that one off the list.

2. to win/prove myself. again, this is a good one for lots of folks, but not for me so much. winning that competition isnt about being the best, its about beinb the best at applying your art form to a judging form and your success is totally the result of who is judging you. the person who wins that competition isnt the best, they're the best who got their thing done, showed up and who best fit the form. for this goal, do you change your entry to better fit the form? do you make a thing not because its beautiful or perfect or exactly captures the medieval aesthetic, but because it suits the judges idea of the complex, difficult or masterful execution? Plus if you win kigndom A/S, you hae to be the kingdom A/S champion. that means standing in royal court, wearing a big yellow and white wooly blanket and a long list of expectations that no one tells you about until you dont meet them. sounds like fun, no? :P (tho the snot nosed brat side of me likes the idea that for a year I'd outrank most of the folks I know ;) petty and silly and please dont think less of me for it ;))

3. a deadline. now we're getting warmer.... by having a deadline to have a project DONE, a publishable, presentable project, that greatly increases the chances of it actually getting done.

4. teachable moments....this one resonates with me the most I think. bascially, its the 4H Fair demo in funny clothes (tho if you saw the uniform I had to wear when I did those demos....). I stand at the table and present my piece over and over and over. I can teach folks about X, about how I did it, the problems I had and how I solved them. some folks might come along and try to cram my square peg into their round hole of a form (heh heh heh) but whatever. thats not the yardstick I'm looking at so whatever scores they see fit to put down are irrelevant. and the fact that the form? may actually be counterproductive to what I was trying to do is irrelevant as well.

this #4 has potential as a motivator. let me ponder on it some more....

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