Mar. 1st, 2009

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I may have a new pony.
dont want to jinx it, and we'll start with a 6 month lease to see how he goes over the summer. if you see me with a sweet faced chestnut arab gelding with a big ol' white blaze come and say hi :).

his favorite thing to do apparently is to go to events and cruise about. He's a former endurance horse, dressage and eventer. now he's a been there, done that pseudo retired (he'd the the guy in the RV going around visiting the grand kids) push button dignified older statesman.

I have never ridden a horse as well trained as him. I now have experienced the elusive "rocking horse" canter, and even got a flying lead change (of sorts. I dont actually know how to cue them so I guessed and he figured out what I meant :)). he turns on a dime (rollbacks anyone?) at all gaits, is totally nonplussed by travelling, trailers like a dream and my Stubbin saddle fits him ;)

his owner wants a home where he'll get to do interesting but not too physically demanding things (the contract says no jumping, no competitive trail riding, etc) for the last handful of his years. She says hes not bombproof and he has a wicked sense of humor and needs a person he can respect. His one "vice" apparently is that when you get off? he demands a head scritch. I think I can handle that.

this may work out very very well. I enjoy my work with China but I also want a horse where I can work on training ME, not them.

his owner sent me some photos....Raj is the guy in the front, in the purple blanket.

the expression on his face in the photo is pretty much the one he had the whole time he was at the barn or tied to the trailer or standing in the arena or being worked. Did I mention nonplussed?

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